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dcboookAs part of his promotion of his E-book, Private Detective Dominic Casey states that Cindy Anthony knew as early as August of 2008 that Caylee was dead. Detective Casey also makes other startling comments on his Facebook page regarding the activities of Atty Jose Baez, Casey and the Anthony Family.

For example, BOOK – “Privilege Waived”

“Had I been asked the right questions while on the stand, my testimony would have put Casey Anthony on death row.”

dominiccaseyThis statement by Detective Casey is striking in that it implies that Detective Casey may be claiming that he had full knowledge of the fate of Caylee early in the case as well as having inside information of what may have caused Caylee’s death and the alleged cover up of this information.

There are other statements on the Facebook page that are just as startling:

“Jose Baez and Casey Anthony were formidable partners of deceit. Together they damaged many lives using the frame and blame game.”

Dominic Casey, D&A Investigations, Inc.


As of yet, Detective Casey has not been specific as to what lives were damaged. Were these lives those that Atty Baez tried to imply had something to do with the fate of Caylee or does the detectives statement imply that there were certain actions taken against those in the mainstream and social media who expressed certain points of view regarding Casey as well as Cindy and George Anthony.

The one thing I find interesting about this E-book is that Detective Casey is emphatic that he will not be granting any interviews. He has also made statements that any rumors stating that he has scheduled interviews with any network are false. This goes against the grain of the normal practice by an author to promote their work. Usually it is the goal of an author of a work to get as many people as possible to buy and read their work. The e-book is not free. One has to pay to read the full contents.

Part one is already published and available and as the title of this blog states, part two will be published on the 21st of this month.

Last year I confronted Detective Casey with a few questions of my own regarding his actions on the behalf of the Anthony family that concerned me directly. He hid behind the client privilege shield and did not answer my questions. Somehow I doubt that he will this time around although there are some truths about the fate of Caylee and the actions of certain individuals that need to come out.

As the year of resolution plods along day by day, we can only guess what truths will come from the pen of Detective Dominic Casey

Stay tuned