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SP26OEXXGAMES_ADO4263In 2012 Snowboarder Sarah Burke died as the result of injuries suffered after an accident she had while on a practice run. She was a four time gold medal winner in the Superpipe Winter X games as well as winning the 2005 world Superpipe championship. What is unique about Sarah’s achievement is that she is a pioneer in the sport. She fought hard for the woman’s Superpipe games and also strongly lobbied the International Olympics Committee to have the games included in the 2012 games. While the sport was not in the 2012 games, it did debut in the 2014 games.

sarah1This turned out to be Sarah’s legacy. The woman who competed in the sport tonight honored and thanked Sarah for her efforts in the creation of this sport and for successfully lobbying to have the sport included in the 2014 Olympic games. There was a candlelight vigil for Sarah this evening by both the Snowboarders and the volunteers. Many Snowboarders had “I believe in Sarah” painted on their helmets.

sarahIt is rare for someone to achieve so much and be remembered for it. Sarah Burke was a rare person who fought the good fight and won.

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