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gayflagOne of the things I find confusing about the Anti LBGT laws that have been either enacted or are being considered to be enacted is why businesses would want to turn away an opportunity to make money. This certainly seems to be the case in Arizona. While it is noble of the LGBT community to fight this kind of legislation, another battle tactic would be to hit those who are against the LBGT community in the pocketbook.

Those inside the LBGT community and those, like myself, who do not engage in the lBGT style but support the LBGT community should declare their support.

I am not a business and do not make any money from my websites but I do feel compelled to set an example here by declaring my websites and blogs as LBGT friendly.

Businesses should advertize themselves as LBGT friendly and welcome their business and most importantly their MONEY.

As those businesses who reject the LBGT lifestyle stare at their empty stores and cash registers, those in the LBGT community and their supports will reap the benefits.

Stay tuned