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1062The principal reason stated by supporters for the Arizona law that was just vetoed was that it violated their religious freedom to serve those who exercised the LGBT lifestyle. The supporters maintain that the only valid marriage is between a man and a woman and that the LBGT lifestyle as a whole is a sin. One possible solution to this problem is for the LGBT to create their own church. Under the protection of religious freedom the LGBT community would then be able to lobby for the same religious rights that are afforded the so called “mainstream religions.”


While their lifestyle is not legal in this country polygamy is a lifestyle practiced by those primarily of the Mormon faith. It would be logical, therefore, for this group to also fight for their religious freedom to conduct their lives as they see fit.

I am a bit surprised that these various groups have not taken this approach in the debate over the legality of their lifestyles and marriage. The US constitution affords everyone their freedom of religion and their right to abide by the guidelines of that religion.

I would suggest that the LGBT community consider this approach to solve their long standing problem of being able to live the lifestyle they so desire.

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