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Monthly Archives: February 2014

This seems to be the week for discussing hacks and how easy it is to be hacked. If any of you have stayed in a motel lately, you might want to check your credit card balance. It seems that nobody is safe anymore. The hackers will attack anyplace and anytime.


At least when you get robbed by a hacker, you will not get shot.

Stay tuned


twitterA private on line conversation I had this morning on Twitter has reminded me that there are people out there that do not understand how easy it is to hack Twitter accounts. You would think that in this modern day of being on the internet with all of the information out there that people would realize that nothing is safe on line. The recent hacking of Target debit card accounts should have made this clear.


As recently as a few days ago, an article appeared about how Twitter was again involved in a major hacking incident

gotwitterFrom the article:

Of all the lessons to be learned from the hacking of Naoki Hiroshima and the loss of his coveted @N Twitter handle, the most troubling is the one which will ultimately be the most difficult to solve. In online security, weak passwords and poor encryption standards may be part of the problem, but the biggest problem of all remains ourselves.

Hiroshima outlined the events that led up to the loss of his Twitter handle, which he valued at $50,000 based on previously-received offers from would-be buyers, in a posting published on Medium on Wednesday. It wasn’t sophisticated password cracking or a zero-day, code-based exploit that sealed the deal. In fact, all it really took was a telephone call or two.”


anonmask4CHANEvery day, Anonymous and similar groups brag on the internet how they have broken into websites and either denied access to them, stole information from them or otherwise comprised these accounts. There are articles written on a daily basis about how people have had their social media accounts hacked. When it happens to a famous person, it gets reported on the mainstream media. When it is the ordinary folks like you and me, the hacking goes unreported.



I find it astonishing that so many people put their trust in what is said on the internet. It is equally astonishing that people will put their trust in things said on the internet by people that they do not know, have never met and likely will never meet. Part of this trust comes from the fact that people are being told what they want to hear. What they are being told is often not true or distorted but this does not matter. Some people have firmly held beliefs that may be wrong or misguided. When they are told by a complete stranger that what they are reading, they take it at face value because the information feeds their beliefs and points of view and do not bother to fact check the information or seek out indisputable proof.

The hackers, trolls and other pranksters feed on these people’s ignorance on how insecure the internet is and have the expert knowledge of how it works. The trolls feed off the ignorance of their victims. They exploit the ignorance of their targets for their own motives. Unless or until more people understand that the internet is NOT a secure place and also understand that not everything on the internet is true, the trolls will flourish and the damage to the innocent victims being targeted will continue.

Will YOU be next?

Stay tuned


fbarShortly after I wrote the blog article about EOS_03 concerning certain posts claiming that I was using another twitter account to air disputes that account was having with certain individuals, the account vanished from Twitter.

As of yet I am not certain why the account was deleted, but I do have my theories who was in control of that account and who deleted it due to what was written in my article.

There are still ongoing events concerning that account and the posts made within it that may or may not lead to a resolution of the situation.

Stay tuned


“The Rules are different here” was once a tag line used to promote tourism in Florida some years back. This tagline also seems to apply to a prominent legal firm in South Florida.


There is a rumor, as of yet unconfirmed that I am being spammed by an employee of a certain major law firm in South Florida. I am also told that this is being done with the full knowledge and blessing of the owner of the legal firm, who is one of the most well known attorneys in the state. What I cannot understand is why I am the target of this rather odd individual. I have no clue who this person is and this person certainly is not prepared to tell me who she is.


It would be interesting if the owner of the law firm were to either confirm or deny the rumor regarding this individual and if this individual is acting on the behalf of the firm as the rumors and tweets seem to indicate.


It is rather disconcerting that, if true, the owner of this legal firm would allow this kind of conduct by one of her senior employees. I am not certain what swearing at someone on twitter accomplishes. I am also at a loss as to why this person thinks I am someone else. There was, until about an hour ago. Someone on twitter that went by @haterofbullies who had issues with other individuals on twitter. Some rather deviant individuals immediately accused me of being behind that twitter account. EOS4EOS6EOS7

In a rash of “tweet and delete” postings on Twitter, I was sworn at and accused of being the owner of the above account. I have also been threatened with uncertain actions by this alleged representative of the legal firm in question.

I am uncertain if the Florida Bar has authority over this kind of conduct of a representative of a legal firm accused of acting on her Employer’s behalf but I expect contacting the Florida bar will answer that question.


Attorney Discipline Information: The Florida Bar accepts complaints against attorneys, investigates those complaints and prosecutes attorneys who engage in unethical conduct. For individuals who are unsure if a lawyer has acted ethically or who are dissatisfied and wish to consider whether filing a complaint may be appropriate, The Florida Bar operates the Attorney Consumer Assistance Program (ACAP). The ACAP telephone number is toll-free: 1-866-352-0707.

The next question will deal with civil liability and who it is that would be liable.

Stay Tuned