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rcmpThere are times when I check my twitter account and think “now what?” Yet another accusation against me is alleged and again this is alleged to have been reported to law enforcement. The problem is that this time around Holly Briley has denied doing any such thing. On it’s face this is a rather odd claim to be made about me since I have nothing to do with Canada anyway. I do not have a passport. I do not go to Canada since it is to darn cold up there and I am broke to begin with.

So the question has to be, how does Canada come into play in this latest drama? The answer lies with someone that Holly Briley has had an ongoing internet battle with for years, Brianne Chantal. Now I do not know if Brianne is behind the sock account but Holly certainly believes this is the case. It would explain how Canada got pulled into this since Brianne is a Canadian national.


One thing this stunt does point out is how easy it is for someone with the will and ability, to create false content and direct that content towards those who may have an agenda against their target. Remember the mantra “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” This is how I got entwined with Holly in this latest drama. Holly and I are not exactly friends and there are those out there that know it.

By sending me so called proof that Holly told a law enforcement agency that I was a rapist, someone hoped that I would start an all out blog war with Holly over this accusation. The problem is that the author of the tweets seems to have forgotten the DMCA incident that got my other blog shut down for a month. It was claimed that Holly faked this claim by somehow impersonating Brianne’s e mail account when sending the complaint to WordPress. The problem with this theory is that WordPress sent me the e mail address of the person making the complaint. It was the same account that Brianne and I had been communicating through when trying to sort this situation out. Now is it possible to hijack an e mail account and impersonate the account holder? Yes it is but it is not that easy to do and there are ways to inform those concerned of the impersonation.

This incident is yet another lesson for everyone to learn when it comes to coming across serious accusations made against people on line. The vast majority of these accusations are being made by trolls that have nothing better to do than ruin the lives of people they target. The sooner we turn against these trolls the better it will be for all of us.

Stay Tuned