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ontheairThe land of twitter is a hard place to understand sometimes. The actions of people on twitter are even more so. For years I have been attacked by some mysterious strange person out of Atlanta as well as some of his minions who feel the necessity of not only spreading lies about me but also delight in posting altered pornographic images of me on a public website.

While this sort of thing is not unusual on twitter, for it seems there are thousands of people who are falling victim to this sort of thing as well as those who are DOING this sort of thing, these kinds of actions can result in the defendants winding up in court.


rnb63The Atlanta blogger and a person from Florida who admits to being a troll have posted not only false narratives and the falsified pornographic images, they have posted personal detailed information about me, my family and my girlfriend. One highly significant posting is this one to a twitter account that does not know any of the parties involved in this dispute. The blogger is knowingly spreading false information about me which is obviously defamation.

The blogger and his group have even gone as far as to STEAL images of my home and myself from various social media sites such as Facebook and in some cases stealing these images from PRIVATE Facebook sites. This group of cyber abusers have also continuously posted the full name of me and my girlfriend in the context of these false narratives putting both of our safety and security at risk.

Unfortunately legal recourse is not possible in my case due to it being rather expensive to seek a remedy to this situation. I AM FLAT BROKE AND AM LIVING ONĀ  SOCIAL SECURITY. Civil litigation costs a great deal of money . One example is a case out of Steubenville Ohio where a blogger or her subscribers accused a teenager of being the mastermind of the high profile rape case that occurred there. The plaintiff spent thousands trying to get the defendant to even answer her claims in a deposition prior to trial, but was unable to do so since the defendant fled to another state in order to avoid having to account for her actions. The defendant knew she was wrong and did not want to having to admit that in court as well as suffer the consequences for her actions.

In the end the defendant did have to admit that the teenager, in fact, was NOT the mastermind of the rape and the case was dropped by the plaintiff.

The same thing is going on in my case. This strange collection of trolls insist on making these posts and images, knowing full well that what they state is false and that they are also posting personal information about where I live and whom I am associating with. Although my activities are confined to a few posts on twitter and this seldom read blog, the intimidation of me by these individuals continue.

It is being said by others who have fallen victim of this group that it is a campaign of intimidation by those who are concerned that some information may come out concerning a criminal connection to a number of high profile cases that remain unresolved.

It seems to be the intent of this group to silence any mention of certain individuals and their actions or possible involvement in these cases.

Why else would such a massive and well organized campaign of defamation be engaged against a retired truck driver whose primary activities on Facebook include playing Farmville on facebook and rare postings on this blog or twitter?

I know that answer and there are others out there that do as well. Unfortunately I do not have the resources as of yet to disclose that answer. There are others out there who do have the resources and will, I hope, publish that answer in due time.

Until that time I endure the harassment and intimidation by those who fear that answer.

Stay tuned