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TMCJDUCKETT30 years ago there was a murder of a child about an hour from where I now live in the small town of Mascotte, that created a firestorm when the suspect turned out to be a local cop by the name of James Duckett. In 2006 his grandson vanished and his daughter in law Melissa Duckett was accused of his murder. Tonight’s Death row Stories on CNN will examine the murder of Teresa McAbee¬†

JDMDJOSHJames Duckett, who is now on death row, maintains that he did not murder the child and is asking for a new trial. There are those both within the family of Melinda Duckett as well as at least one blog author who questions her guilt as well.

For those of us who followed the case of Trenton Duckett missing, the airing of tonight’s Death Row stories on CNN will prove to be most interesting.

Stay tuned