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ontheairFor some strange reason I have been the target on twitter by a strange group of idiots that seem to think I am bitter due to the fact that I was not invited to their little party. At the head of this group is a blogger from Atlanta shrouded in mystery. For some strange reason this blogger hides behind a sock username keeping it’s identity secret from those it decides to target on it’s blog. This person(s) has intimidated harassed and defamed many on the internet yet has hidden from any accountability using elaborate methods to prevent being identified and thus prevent having to face those it has defamed.

vmaNext we have this college kid from Tenneessee that seems to think he is the darling of the internet that everyone wants to be around. He makes it his duty to regulate who can say what about any subject, mainly high profile cases in the state of Florida. He is quite obsessed about one case in particular, attacking those who believes anything different than his take on the case. Lately this deviant moron has insisted I am running a twitter account known as @haterofbullies. He, of course, has not come up with any proof of his accusations which is typical of him. He makes scores of accusations about people on twitter and elsewhere yet has nothing to back up his rants. He then throws a tantrum when he is confronted by those he targets.

cnnThen there is the lawyer. I have not ever understood why someone who is supposed to be of such high caliber as this lawyer claims to be would become entwined in this childish nonsense. One would think that at least this person would have the maturity to be able to see the ramifications of the actions of this little group and instill some common sense within it. That, however seems not to be on her agenda.

fearLast but not least is the gullible redneck from North Florida. I am not quite understanding why I was made the target of this moron other than he is nothing more than a professional troll. This idiot is not out for any truth. He worships the ground a woman twice his age walks on which explains part of his deviant actions. He makes all kinds of accusations and then demands the accused to prove him wrong. If any proof is provided he dismisses it outright. Even a close friend of his has stated that he is a troll out for attention.

I have tried for quite a long time now to ignore the antics of this group. I have blocked them from my account on Twitter and have tried to ignore their rants when they appear in e-mails sent to me. In spite of all of this, my username winds up getting tagged and I get notified constantly of their rants by those who come across them.

I therefore am compelled to write this article to make it clear to this group of trolls and those who follow their rants that I do not want a seat at their little table. I do not want to be a member of the group of idiots who think they are the most important people on the internet.

There are millions of people on the internet and out of those millions are a few that I consider worthy of associating with. Not one of those at this table of idiots are worthy of my association and attention.

It would be nice if these idiots would understand this fact and move on to more worthy persuits. Somehow I do not see this happening because of their lack of willpower and their constant need to troll those uninterested in them or what they are doing or what they have to say.

Now that I have gotten that off my chest, it is time to go and harvest my crops on Farmville.

Stay tuned