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Monthly Archives: April 2014

astroaccusationOver the past several months there have been a number of sock accounts placed on Twitter attacking two specific individuals. The net result is that the individuals in question and their  supporters have blamed the whole mess on me.

For some strange reason, this ship of fools seem to think I am the only person on the entire internet that has issues with them.

Blaming someone for operating socks is one thing, proving it is another matter. One officer of the court claims to have software claiming to be able to do so. The one time she tried to prove her point demonstrated that the software was either wrong or someone else in Florida is operating sock accounts. The info she provided did not match my IP or provider information. I even supplied this information for her to check.

Now those of you out there reading this  are probably wondering what the hell a sock account is? Quite simply a sock account is a Twitter or other social media account that is created by a known person as a second or third account with the express purpose of publishing to the internet and hoping to fool people into thinking they are someone else.

The sock accounts normally target one or more individuals with accusations or images that does not paint a favorable picture of the target or targets.

It seems that there is a new purpose for creating these accounts. That purpose is to frame someone as being behind them. It is fairly easy to do. One only has to imitate writing styles and so forth to fool people into believing the accusations are true.

It is easy for someone to accuse me or others of running sock accounts, it is quite another thing to prove it. To prove the accusation of someone owning a sock account would require access to the site the account was created on through legal channels. That is not an easy thing to do. Believe me I have tried.

It seems that for whatever reason a certain blogger and HIS Entourage have this fixation towards me, a retired Truck driver who spends the bulk of his time watching tv or playing games on facebook.

If anything it shows they have unimportant lives or:

There is something these people are trying to cover up or divert attention from.

Those in the know should think about that.

Stay tuned


sterlingIn all the conversations that have taken place regarding the deplorable comments made by the owner of the La Clippers NBA team, not one comment was made about the legality of releasing the recordings to the press and the breech of privacy in doing so.

With all the uproar about the invasion of privacy by the US government and law enforcement agencies by the likes of Ed Snowden, there is a surprising lack of concern about an alleged private conversation being recorded and then being released by a former girlfriend who is the defendant in a civil lawsuit.

vsThe fact that his girlfriend recorded the conversation in the first place should be cause for concern. It is reported that she is a defendant in a civil lawsuit that accuses her of misappropriating  almost two million dollars.

The release of the recording looks to be an attempt to divert the attention away from someone committing a serious crime to that of someone who makes offensive statements in a private setting.

Mr Sterling should be held accountable for his obvious racism but at the same time, whoever released the recordings should also be held accountable for any laws she broke as well.

Stay tuned


justinafamilyIn what is a modern twist an old method of public advocacy, a movement is taking place tonight in what is to be a weekly effort to wrest from state custody the daughter of a loving family who wants her back.


In the days before the internet those who wanted to seek the attention of those in power to grant the wishes of many or have the power to right wrongs, used mass land line telephone call in campaigns, petition  drives, mass mailings, and even demonstrations at pertinent locations.

Today, with the modern tools available to the masses, this generation of advocates have an unprecedented ability and power to reach the unreachable and exercise this new found power to achieve the change they so desire.

One of the tools, is the Twitterstorm. Tonight is the first of a weekly mass tweet by hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens who seek to see Justina returned to her family.



To bring attention to this campaign, another  new weapon in the modern day internet arsenal being  utilized is the pastebin.

#FreeJustina TwitterStorm

Consider the pastebin the modern day version of a press release. A pastebin filing is usually something being published for mass distribution to a vast audience. In this case it is an announcement of the Twitterstorm, the reason for it and guidelines as to who to send the tweets to and other suggestions.

In the past, the combination of the Twitterstorm and the pastebin has resulted in changes. As news of the success of this sort of advocacy spreads we will likely see more of them.

What will remain to be seen is will the power and influence of this form of advocacy continue to be effective or will it fade into history as a short lived fad.

Only time will tell.

Stay tuned



opmaryI have been watching with ever growing concern that yet another rape survivor is being victimized by those who create OPS on social media sites that become unraveled due to the personal agendas of those who either latch on to the cause or hijack it.

That seems to be the case with the OP set up to try and seek justice for Daisey Coleman, a rape survivor who attempted suicide due to the bullying on Facebook and other social media accounts:

I had not been following this case until recently when a series of tweets started appearing on my twitter log. It seems that those who I follow and who follow me as well as others on Twitter had  been posting about the actions of the former Knightsec founder who, from what I am able to sort out among all of the rhetoric, has taken over or hijacked #OpMaryville.

While the dispute is still a bit confusing what is clear is that in all the arguing going on, the cause for Justice for Daisey Coleman seems to have been either set aside or forgotten.

This is the Daisey Coleman story in her own words:

This is Daisey’s story as told by her mother as she deals with the often cruel postings on social media:

I did a search about this case by entering #opmaryville on Twitter:

twittersearch opmI was astonished to find, not information about Daisy and the efforts to seek justice for her, but, rather, images and posts having to do with everyone arguing with each other about who did what and who was running the op.

In some cases, the twitter posts are advising people NOT to get involved with #OPMaryville. This is having the net effect of many people getting turned off with all of the drama and thus decreasing any help that may have been forthcoming to help the Colemans in their desire to seek justice.

This is Steubenville all over again. An on line effort gets started with the noble cause of seeking justice for a rape survivor. Then people with ulterior motives become involved and an on line civil war breaks out. The original reason why people got together in the first place gets set aside in the internet war of words.

It is unfortunate that a strong and powerful medium that could be used for good has instead decayed into a venue for egos to clash. Those involved in the current dispute should set aside their differences and come together for the common good.

As much as I would like to see this happen for Daisy’s sake, I am not holding my breath.

Stay tuned



knightsecOne would think there was a massive flood going on  in the State of Kentucky, considering the amount of sandbagging going on. Now what in the living hell do I mean by that?

Well, it is one year ago this month that “The hero of Steubenville” found himself in the middle of one of the most intense FBI raids in recent Kentucky history.

According to the defendant’s account the raid was straight out of  a television police show script.

The story went something like this. In a marvelous coincidence, the FBI chose the exact time that the hero was expecting a fed ex shipment to use a swat team to descend on the house. They came in with military grade rifles and shouted for everyone to follow their orders. The hero was able to save his overly excited dog from being shot by pleading with the swat team.

The hero was handed the search warrant and had to stand by as all of his electronic toys, including an xbox game exited the building in the protective arms of the FBI agents.

It was within an extremely short time that the hero broke the news to his fans on social media which immediately set off a firestorm. The hero was the next Snowden one would think, with the account of the importance of the raid and of the expected charges the hero would face.

It started out that the hero was facing 10 years in prison for various acts of misconduct pertaining to computers. Like any good fish story, the expected time the hero can expect to spend in prison has expanded to 35 years according to a recent blog article.

The next chapter in this saga is when the donation drive started. It seems that the hero was lacking in funds so he decided to set up a paypal account to raise funds not only for his defense but that of other Anonymous members stuck in the same situation.

As time went on, yet another donation drive was set up by the hero because he was having a hard time making a living. For some reason this self employed musician was not selling enough music to pay his bills.

The self proclaimed computer expert was not able to attract any customers, after he asked for donations to help rent a storefront to get the business going.

The Steubenville hero took to the airwaves on internet talk shows, On one segment with the most interesting Rosanne Barr who is most famous for her rather unique rendition of The National Anthem at a baseball game.

For the rest of the year, the hero of Steubenville came up with various reasons for needing people to donate funds. The hero also complained that he was not able to hold a job because of his association with Anonymous and those annoying federal charges hanging over his head.

Then, after the first of the year, posts started to show up, mainly on Twitter, that his defense council and the Prosecuting US Attorney were going to have a meeting sometime in Mid April of this year to discuss how things were going to happen.

Now what is curious about all of this is that in spite of a number of journalists with good connections and knowledge of how FOIA requests work, have not been able to get one scrap of information out of either The Southern Ohio Federal District court located in Colunbus, Ohio, The State of Ohio State Attorneys office or anyone in the State of Kentucky where this all started in the first place.

There is no grand jury anywhere that is scheduled to be convened to review the case. There has been no press releases by ANY government agency anywhere. Not a peep from anyone.

Now there is another chapter to this saga that needs to be pointed out. As has been stated over and over again by many people including such national publications as The Rolling Stone, the hero of Steubenville faces some serious criminal charges and several decades in the slammer if convicted.

Now one would think that if this were the case that any good defense lawyer would tell his client to keep his damn mouth shut.

Our hero of Steubenville has done exactly the opposite. He has made post after post of how his actions came to the rescue of Jane doe and how he almost single handedly, with a little help of an Ohio blogger and her close friend from the Pacific Northwest, assured that at least two of the alleged members of the “rape crew”received some justice, although nobody was satisfied with the outcome of the trial of the defendants.

For some unexplained reason, the hero of Steubenville does not seem to think that various law enforcement agencies are  monitoring what he is posting on the internet in the event they want to make things worse for him.

Just within the past few weeks, the hero of Steubenville has engaged in some rather interesting activities.

The most interesting of these is the bounty affair. It seems that the hero of Steubenville has become annoyed with some anonymous individuals who had the audacity to post things in which he disagrees. Using the excuse of labeling his targets as “rape apologists” he started posting on Twitter that he would offer a bounty for anyone who could offer confirmed information as to the person behind certain usernames.

To show he could make good on his promise, a photo of him holding a substantial amount of money was posted on the internet.

Interestingly enough, a short time later, someone did confirm the identity of one individual (although no proof has been published to this day) and he also claimed that a single woman with two children was the creator of a Facebook that he did not like.

Shortly after that the hero of Steubenville managed to get pulled over by the cops and got himself a summons. It seems he was driving with no insurance and with expired tags.  He purchased or traded for a car (care to guess where the money came from?) but neglected to transfer the title into his name. I am curious how he managed to license a newly purchased car on expired tags. That stunt would not work in Florida.

The hero of Steubenville then had a mixture of good and bad luck. After having no luck finding a job he managed to obtain a job as an assistant manager at a local Dominos Pizza ( imagine the irony of that one) and did state at one time that he was to have access to a company car. The only problem with this is that he needed to have his own insurance. I am still scratching my head at this one as are a couple of local managers of Dominos pizza stores in nearby Apopka Florida. They were also a bit confused at the claim of an assistant manager getting paid the minimum wage. While the pay for an assistant manager is not exactly exciting, it certainly pays better than flipping burgers at a local McDonalds (which also pays higher than the minimum wage here in Apopka).

And not one single manager or assistant manager has a company car.

Things must be different in Kentucky.

As usual, The Hero of Steubenville went the begging route and somehow managed to get enough to make his insurance payment.

In another run of bad luck, the hero somehow fell behind on his rent, so once again the begging hit twitter and else where. Once again someone stepped forward and he was saved having to sleep in his now insured car.

Then our poor hero of Steubenville found himself with another round of bad luck when he had air conditioning problems. It must be unusually hot in Kentucky in early April to need to have an air conditioner at this time of the year. Either that or he is planning ahead for a long hot summer.

In the midst of all of this it was announced that Plan B Entertainment, which is owned by Brad Pitt purchased the rights to his story as told in an article in Rolling Stone Magazine.

The Hero of Steubenville proudly posted that he was asked to be a consultant to the movie. Unfortunately it seems that it is not clear if he is going to get paid or not for his services. I guess getting famous in a movie is payment enough although he has stated hundreds of times that it is not his goal to be famous.

Now, the center point of this rather long and dragged out blog article is that all of this has resulted from the claim that the hero of Steubenville is facing more jail time than the rapists he claims to have helped get convicted.

Once again, however, I must remind everyone that there has not been one peep out of any government agency about any charges being levied against the hero or anyone else for that matter. No case number has been filed. There is nothing on any court docket of any trial and there is certainly no grand jury being convened.

As of April 15th, 2014 there has been no developments regarding this case.

Now either :

A; The government is dragging it’s feet.


B: You have all been sandbagged.

Take your pick.

Stay tuned




It is said that sometimes the ends justify the means. In the war against rape, that seems to include abandoning the very foundation of our society. Honesty, integrity and justice.

An alleged gang rape in a small industrial town in Ohio led to events that changed the lives of many both within the town and internationally as well.

There were those with an agenda who were concerned how the rape occurred and how subsequent actions by those with inside knowledge of the rape and with how law enforcement handled the case embarked on actions of their own.

The stated goals of the various groups that were formed, were to expose an alleged coverup of the rape,  seek prosecution of those involved and to bring the issue of an alleged rape tolerant culture within the high school sports society to the forefront of national and international attention.

The campaign started out noble enough as various journalists within the social media spectrum began writing and web casting about the rape and collateral events.

Eventually, the well known activist group Anonymous became involved. In their unique way, Anonymous began to spread the word about the case including their specific concerns and about how they intended to deal with what had occurred.

There were the protest rallies that were held on the steps of the local courthouse. Many a brave woman came forward and remained no longer silent, facing a large supportive crowd and telling their stories for all the world to hear.

On those days these women evolved from being rape victims to being rape survivors. A sisterhood was formed. Men came forward to support these sisters. All was good, it was working, the world was listening.

But, there is a rest of the story. It is a story of sinister actions by those willing to sacrifice what is good in society in order to combat the bad.

There was, of course, the famous hacking of a local sports website, not owned or run by the school, but by a private individual who supported the team.

As is always the case in situations like these, arguments broke out between various groups with differing points of view regarding the events and those involved or who were perceived to be involved with the alleged rape.

Those who offered reasons and viewpoints that differed from the majority view were and still are labeled “rape apologists.”

Those who were branded with this label found themselves the target of doxing. This is the practice of Anonymous and other hackers building up a database of individuals that include every aspect of their lives. This included where they live, where they work, go to school, where they went in their day to day lives.

This information  was published to file sharing websites on the internet as well as in public and private on line chat sites, blogs and forums.

The intimidation then started. Employers were called, pranks such as pizza deliveries were played. Credit and banking information appeared along with social security numbers. Even cable tv billing information appeared on one twitter account.

As of this writing, the practice of intimidation continues. Recently, a bounty was offered for the identity of several individuals who were the loudest voices against those using abusive tactics against those with which they disagreed.

In another case, a single mother of two, trying to make ends meet as a self employed entrepreneur was misidentified as the creator of a Facebook boycott page that went against the stated viewpoint of the accuser.

The woman was doxed. The woman was secretly photographed and mocked on Twitter when the photograph was published. The woman received anonymous phone calls. Her place of work was called. Her personal information was posted on file sharing websites.

The woman recently stated:

“There us nothing more they can do other than kill me or my kids.. but most of the time I already feel dead.”

It turns out that the woman had nothing to do with the website in question. In the end that should not have mattered. Right or wrong, people have the right to state their own points of view.

At least that is the way it was supposed to be. It is one of the core principals this country was founded on.

That is not the way it is any more. Time and time again there are examples of people being punished for what they believe in. If someone makes the mistake of saying the wrong thing or believing in the wrong thing, they open themselves up to punishment.

The question is, however, who determines what is the wrong thing to say and what is the wrong thing to believe in?

Why is it that these self appointed vigilantes are allowed to dictate what people believe in and what they are allowed to say?

There was once a time when people could have impassioned debate with each other defending their points of view while at the same time respectfully finding fault with the viewpoints of others.

While these debates at times where heated, and minds were rarely changed, there was a mutual respect for everyone to state their points of view. People agreed to disagree, shook hands and went on with their lives.

Not anymore. Now it is compliance by force. It does not matter if the viewpoint is the majority or the minority. Those with the most powerful weapons dictate what the “correct” point of view or belief will be.

What exists now is a modern day inquisition.

Our freedoms are being decayed by a powerful few with the means to extort and intimidate those who do not have the means to defend their rights.

It will be these powerful few that, if left unchecked, will be the downfall of society as we know it.

Stay tuned



dericThere is at least one journalist that is NOT on the “Deric Lostutter is a hero” bandwagon. In fact, Johm Ziegler rips the hero facade to shreds and criticizes the coverage of the Big Red Rape case as a mockery. The catalyst of Mr Ziegler’s article was the news that Brad Pitt through his Plan B Entertainment production is slated to make a movie portraying Anonymous and Mr Lostitutter as an April fools joke.–Steubenville–movie-an-April-Fool-s-joke-.html?nav=5003

jz2It must be noted that John Ziegler is no stranger to Steubenville. He was a long standing and popular sportscaster who is respected and trusted by those who live in the greater Steubenville, Ohio region. He certainly is no outsider.

Mr Ziegler wasted no

Mr. Zieglear wrote early in his column:

“Having lived and worked in Steubenville as a TV journalist, having spent an entire year with the football program to write a book and being the only person to interview several of the key players in this story, I can say with complete confidence that the narrative on which this proposed movie is based is totally false.”

At the very start of his column, Mr Ziegler tears into what most consider the fiction of the hero status of Deric Losttutter:

Lostutter, who lives in Kentucky and may never have even stepped foot in Steubenville, did not get tangentially involved in the case until Christmas 2012. That is when a video he did while wearing the infamous Guy Fawkes mask suddenly appeared on the hacked into Roll Red Roll fan website along with a grossly inaccurate and clearly defamatory written message about the entirely innocent website owner.”

He further wrote:

“Lostutter was not only flat wrong about almost everything he claimed during the website hacking ( (which, despite his unambiguous Twitter posts, he is now somehow denying he took part in, even though such activity is at the heart of being part of Anonymous), but appears to have committed numerous felonies in the course of that action. Thanks to friendly media coverage he has raised quite a bit of money for his defense fund, but despite the proposed movie’s apparent plan to turn him into a martyr, he has never even been charged as of yet.”

This may well change in the coming weeks. As early as tomorrow, April,14,2014 Discussions between the lead Prosecutor from the Southern Ohio Federal district court and the defense council for Mr Lostutter are slated to begin to discuss how things will go forward. One rumor has Mr Lostutter turning states evidence against one or more persons who are being investigated for possible indictments related to the actions of those who were part of Knightsec, the Anonymous group Mr Lostutter headed.

Mr Ziegler further pointed out that he strongly feels that Deric Lostutter had absolutely nothing to do with uncovering anything not previously known about the Steubenville Rape case”

“Not only were the rapists arrested and charged long before Lostutter ever even heard about the case in The New York Times later that winter, but a transcript of the preliminary hearing from October 2012 ( proves that not one shred of evidence in this case came to light because of his actions (including, contrary to media perception, the infamous Michael Nodianos video, which is clearly referenced in those pages.)”

What Mr Ziegler has written in his column is nothing new for us who debate how Deric Lostutter has conducted himself throughout the case as well as his recent actions of placing a bounty for information on targeted individuals and incorrectly identifying a single mother of two as the creator of a Boycott Steubenville YMCA facebook page.

The woman has been subjected to threats of her employer being called and told that they will be boycotted because of the “rape apologist” that works there.

The woman in question was recently photographed and then mocked on twitter.

Mr Ziegler pointed out that it is not only those who are a target of Mr Lostutter’s wrath do not consider him a hero but neither does those who prosecuted the rape case:

Among those I have interviewed on camera about the case are two key members of the Jefferson County prosecution team.

Both of them have clear disdain for Lostutter and the negative impact he and his Anonymous colleagues have had on the case. They also think the notion that Lostutter could be portrayed as a hero in a major movie is beyond absurd.”

Mr. Ziegler was quite blunt when it came to his point of view regarding the making of this movie by Brad Pitt:

“Brad Pitt now appears poised to make a film turning someone who, at best, was an attention-seeking hindrance to justice (or, at worst, a real villain) into an idol.”

What is surprising is that the vast majority of those within the Anonymous community share that sediment. One major bone of contention of Anonymous are the mixed messages Lostutter sends out in his various Twitter postings which have as their main subject his begging for funds to cover his defense as well as for his personal financial needs that he claims are made worse by his involvement in the “exposure of corruption” in the investigation of the rape case.

Mr Ziegler concludes his column with a statement in which most of those debating the actions of Mr Lostutter wholeheartedly agree:

Hollywood is becoming increasingly notorious for butchering “true” stories to fit their agenda, but if this film gets made with the narrative of the Rolling Stone article on which it appears to be based, it would be the worst example of revisionist history I have ever seen.

This movie needs to be stopped and if the people of Steubenville are unwilling to prevent it, the never-ending nightmare of the rape case may very well have only just begun.”

Is there a boycott Brad Pitt movement in the works? Who knows?

One thing for certain is that the debate about this movie has only begun. Plan B Entertainment has already received calls from those who object to the way Mr Lostutter will be portrayed and I expect they calls will only increase as the release date for the movie draws closer.

Stay Tuned




operationI came across some social media posts recently that got me quite angry. I had wanted to publish this article earlier but was asked to wait until the matter was resolved. I have been informed that it has so now I go forth with what has to be the worst thing that can be done to a woman, being forced to terminate the growing life within her.

I must first point out that this is not a pro-life argument versus a pro-choice argument. This is about control of the worst kind.

In most cases when a woman in a loving relationship discovers that she is about to be a mother, it is a happy occasion. The life created was that between two people who had a special bond, or that is what one would have thought..

In this case, it turned out to be the beginning of an eternal sadness for the mother who is no longer a mother. Her partner, instead, went through extreme measures to intimidate her into getting an abortion. It was a decision she deeply regretted making. She suffers the pain of not knowing what the life she carried within her ever so briefly would have been. She will not know the joy of raising that child and watching that child grow and evolve through the years.

This is but one of far too many of these ordeals that women face every day.

This article is the best source of information on this sad issue.

This excerpt  examines the aftermath of forced abortions:


The Aftermath. Women Coerced into Unwanted Abortions Pay a High Price.

  • 31% had health complications afterwards.1
  • 65% suffer multiple symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.1
  • 65% higher risk of clinical depression.15
  • 10% have immediate complications, some are life-threatening.16
  • 3.5x higher risk of death from all causes.17
  • A 6-7x higher rate of suicide compared to women giving birth.3


The one thing that I would hope is that the efforts that were used to fight the problem of Rape would also be focused on addressing the issue of Forced abortions. This is an extremely serious  issue for it robs a woman of her primary purpose of nurturing the growth of her child.

My prayers go out to any woman who has had to go through with a forced abortion.

Stay tuned


First it started out with the so called hero of the Steubenville rape case, offering a bounty for the information on a number of people using anonymous usernames on twitter. Now the actions have evolved with those Anonymous members who are in league with the so called hero, following a single mother of two children and taking pictures of her.

stalkanonThe photo is then posted on Twitter with a not so kind caption added. Shortly after the photograph appeared on Twitter, those who support the woman along with the targets of the wrath of the Anonymous group did some research and found the contact information for Plan B Entertainment, the company that Brad Pitt is affiliated with.

bradA number of mainstream media sources are also being contacted through e mail and are being sent samples of the on line postings being made by the alleged cyberstalkers.

Will Brad Pitt regret his decision and cancel the production?

Time will tell. It seems, however, that an ever growing number of  angry housewives are about to give Brad Pitt an earful.

Stay tuned



anonmaskThere is a lot of attention being paid to the revelation that a movie is about to be made about the so called Hero of Steubenville by a production company headed by Brad Pitt. It is said that the hero is celebrating this good news and is likely awaiting the fame and fortune that might result.

Not so fast.

The one important thing that one must understand is that the entertainment industry is a rather strange business. It is an expensive business to produce a movie no matter what the venue, theatrical, television or direct to video or even pay per view.

Production costs generally run into the millions of dollars and the producers and investors want the most money they can make out of something that will have a fairly short attention span among those they expect to view anything they make.

Because of this, production companies will do anything to garner attention to their project even if that means destroying the main subject of their story in the process. The fact that the hero is accused by the federal government for criminal acts against private citizens is a gold mine for them.

The biggest money maker for a production company is publicity. It does not matter if it is paid or free, just as long as much attention is paid to the project as possible. Publicity sells and bad publicity sells more.

enqcaJust about all of the bad publicity that is leaked about a movie, the stars or the subject of the movie is generated by the publicity department of the production company or the distributor  assigned to sell it to media and theatrical outlets.

In this case, generating attention getting publicity about the hero and by extension the movie will be a breeze. The hero is tweeting the kinds of things that tabloids are hungry for.

globe“Hacker Hero Offers Bounty To Target Housewives” might be one headline that would appear on the cover of the Enquirer, Globe, or Star. A photo of the hero holding a fist full of money and flipping the bird would make an ideal cover photo. I am certain that the editors of these publications might even come up with more creative headlines.

starThe so called hero is currently posting on Twitter asking for the identities of his targets using Anonymous usernames. There is a screen shot circulating around Twitter that indicates what that information would be used for and the kind of information he is seeking to gain.

Another problem for the hero hacker is that he forgets that the prosecutor assigned to try his case may be monitoring his social media accounts and may be aware of his postings. Since what he is posting might amount as a confession, her chances of prosecuting him may have gotten far better than expected.

There is also a defense attorney that might find his job a lot harder due to the person he chose to represent.

The fame that is being garnered because of this movie story may have another unexpected result. The result will be his being less likely to get a decent paying job and any employment in the computer it field would be next to impossible.

Who wants to risk hiring a criminal computer hacker who might get mad at the boss and mess up their computers?

There is also the problem of his impending trial. If he does get convicted, he will be getting three squares and a cot for at least a decade. He will then be a convicted felon which does not look good on a resume.

One final note. The rights to the story does not belong to the hero. It belongs to the author of the article the movie will be derived from and the magazine that publishes it. They were paid for the story and as far as I can find out, the hero was not. His main role will be as a consultant and it is unlikely he will be paid for his services. If there is compensation, it will be in the form of residuals on the NET box office. If the movie fails to make a profit, he will not get a dime.

No matter what the future of this movie may be, the fame of the hero and attention given to him will be short lived. His story will soon fade into obscurity and so will he.

Stay tuned