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First it started out with the so called hero of the Steubenville rape case, offering a bounty for the information on a number of people using anonymous usernames on twitter. Now the actions have evolved with those Anonymous members who are in league with the so called hero, following a single mother of two children and taking pictures of her.

stalkanonThe photo is then posted on Twitter with a not so kind caption added. Shortly after the photograph appeared on Twitter, those who support the woman along with the targets of the wrath of the Anonymous group did some research and found the contact information for Plan B Entertainment, the company that Brad Pitt is affiliated with.

bradA number of mainstream media sources are also being contacted through e mail and are being sent samples of the on line postings being made by the alleged cyberstalkers.

Will Brad Pitt regret his decision and cancel the production?

Time will tell. It seems, however, that an ever growing number of  angry housewives are about to give Brad Pitt an earful.

Stay tuned