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dericThere is at least one journalist that is NOT on the “Deric Lostutter is a hero” bandwagon. In fact, Johm Ziegler rips the hero facade to shreds and criticizes the coverage of the Big Red Rape case as a mockery. The catalyst of Mr Ziegler’s article was the news that Brad Pitt through his Plan B Entertainment production is slated to make a movie portraying Anonymous and Mr Lostitutter as an April fools joke.–Steubenville–movie-an-April-Fool-s-joke-.html?nav=5003

jz2It must be noted that John Ziegler is no stranger to Steubenville. He was a long standing and popular sportscaster who is respected and trusted by those who live in the greater Steubenville, Ohio region. He certainly is no outsider.

Mr Ziegler wasted no

Mr. Zieglear wrote early in his column:

“Having lived and worked in Steubenville as a TV journalist, having spent an entire year with the football program to write a book and being the only person to interview several of the key players in this story, I can say with complete confidence that the narrative on which this proposed movie is based is totally false.”

At the very start of his column, Mr Ziegler tears into what most consider the fiction of the hero status of Deric Losttutter:

Lostutter, who lives in Kentucky and may never have even stepped foot in Steubenville, did not get tangentially involved in the case until Christmas 2012. That is when a video he did while wearing the infamous Guy Fawkes mask suddenly appeared on the hacked into Roll Red Roll fan website along with a grossly inaccurate and clearly defamatory written message about the entirely innocent website owner.”

He further wrote:

“Lostutter was not only flat wrong about almost everything he claimed during the website hacking ( (which, despite his unambiguous Twitter posts, he is now somehow denying he took part in, even though such activity is at the heart of being part of Anonymous), but appears to have committed numerous felonies in the course of that action. Thanks to friendly media coverage he has raised quite a bit of money for his defense fund, but despite the proposed movie’s apparent plan to turn him into a martyr, he has never even been charged as of yet.”

This may well change in the coming weeks. As early as tomorrow, April,14,2014 Discussions between the lead Prosecutor from the Southern Ohio Federal district court and the defense council for Mr Lostutter are slated to begin to discuss how things will go forward. One rumor has Mr Lostutter turning states evidence against one or more persons who are being investigated for possible indictments related to the actions of those who were part of Knightsec, the Anonymous group Mr Lostutter headed.

Mr Ziegler further pointed out that he strongly feels that Deric Lostutter had absolutely nothing to do with uncovering anything not previously known about the Steubenville Rape case”

“Not only were the rapists arrested and charged long before Lostutter ever even heard about the case in The New York Times later that winter, but a transcript of the preliminary hearing from October 2012 ( proves that not one shred of evidence in this case came to light because of his actions (including, contrary to media perception, the infamous Michael Nodianos video, which is clearly referenced in those pages.)”

What Mr Ziegler has written in his column is nothing new for us who debate how Deric Lostutter has conducted himself throughout the case as well as his recent actions of placing a bounty for information on targeted individuals and incorrectly identifying a single mother of two as the creator of a Boycott Steubenville YMCA facebook page.

The woman has been subjected to threats of her employer being called and told that they will be boycotted because of the “rape apologist” that works there.

The woman in question was recently photographed and then mocked on twitter.

Mr Ziegler pointed out that it is not only those who are a target of Mr Lostutter’s wrath do not consider him a hero but neither does those who prosecuted the rape case:

Among those I have interviewed on camera about the case are two key members of the Jefferson County prosecution team.

Both of them have clear disdain for Lostutter and the negative impact he and his Anonymous colleagues have had on the case. They also think the notion that Lostutter could be portrayed as a hero in a major movie is beyond absurd.”

Mr. Ziegler was quite blunt when it came to his point of view regarding the making of this movie by Brad Pitt:

“Brad Pitt now appears poised to make a film turning someone who, at best, was an attention-seeking hindrance to justice (or, at worst, a real villain) into an idol.”

What is surprising is that the vast majority of those within the Anonymous community share that sediment. One major bone of contention of Anonymous are the mixed messages Lostutter sends out in his various Twitter postings which have as their main subject his begging for funds to cover his defense as well as for his personal financial needs that he claims are made worse by his involvement in the “exposure of corruption” in the investigation of the rape case.

Mr Ziegler concludes his column with a statement in which most of those debating the actions of Mr Lostutter wholeheartedly agree:

Hollywood is becoming increasingly notorious for butchering “true” stories to fit their agenda, but if this film gets made with the narrative of the Rolling Stone article on which it appears to be based, it would be the worst example of revisionist history I have ever seen.

This movie needs to be stopped and if the people of Steubenville are unwilling to prevent it, the never-ending nightmare of the rape case may very well have only just begun.”

Is there a boycott Brad Pitt movement in the works? Who knows?

One thing for certain is that the debate about this movie has only begun. Plan B Entertainment has already received calls from those who object to the way Mr Lostutter will be portrayed and I expect they calls will only increase as the release date for the movie draws closer.

Stay Tuned