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operationI came across some social media posts recently that got me quite angry. I had wanted to publish this article earlier but was asked to wait until the matter was resolved. I have been informed that it has so now I go forth with what has to be the worst thing that can be done to a woman, being forced to terminate the growing life within her.

I must first point out that this is not a pro-life argument versus a pro-choice argument. This is about control of the worst kind.

In most cases when a woman in a loving relationship discovers that she is about to be a mother, it is a happy occasion. The life created was that between two people who had a special bond, or that is what one would have thought..

In this case, it turned out to be the beginning of an eternal sadness for the mother who is no longer a mother. Her partner, instead, went through extreme measures to intimidate her into getting an abortion. It was a decision she deeply regretted making. She suffers the pain of not knowing what the life she carried within her ever so briefly would have been. She will not know the joy of raising that child and watching that child grow and evolve through the years.

This is but one of far too many of these ordeals that women face every day.

This article is the best source of information on this sad issue.

This excerpt  examines the aftermath of forced abortions:


The Aftermath. Women Coerced into Unwanted Abortions Pay a High Price.

  • 31% had health complications afterwards.1
  • 65% suffer multiple symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.1
  • 65% higher risk of clinical depression.15
  • 10% have immediate complications, some are life-threatening.16
  • 3.5x higher risk of death from all causes.17
  • A 6-7x higher rate of suicide compared to women giving birth.3


The one thing that I would hope is that the efforts that were used to fight the problem of Rape would also be focused on addressing the issue of Forced abortions. This is an extremely serious  issue for it robs a woman of her primary purpose of nurturing the growth of her child.

My prayers go out to any woman who has had to go through with a forced abortion.

Stay tuned