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justinafamilyIn what is a modern twist an old method of public advocacy, a movement is taking place tonight in what is to be a weekly effort to wrest from state custody the daughter of a loving family who wants her back.


In the days before the internet those who wanted to seek the attention of those in power to grant the wishes of many or have the power to right wrongs, used mass land line telephone call in campaigns, petitionĀ  drives, mass mailings, and even demonstrations at pertinent locations.

Today, with the modern tools available to the masses, this generation of advocates have an unprecedented ability and power to reach the unreachable and exercise this new found power to achieve the change they so desire.

One of the tools, is the Twitterstorm. Tonight is the first of a weekly mass tweet by hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens who seek to see Justina returned to her family.



To bring attention to this campaign, anotherĀ  new weapon in the modern day internet arsenal beingĀ  utilized is the pastebin.

#FreeJustina TwitterStorm

Consider the pastebin the modern day version of a press release. A pastebin filing is usually something being published for mass distribution to a vast audience. In this case it is an announcement of the Twitterstorm, the reason for it and guidelines as to who to send the tweets to and other suggestions.

In the past, the combination of the Twitterstorm and the pastebin has resulted in changes. As news of the success of this sort of advocacy spreads we will likely see more of them.

What will remain to be seen is will the power and influence of this form of advocacy continue to be effective or will it fade into history as a short lived fad.

Only time will tell.

Stay tuned