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anonmaskThere is a lot of attention being paid to the revelation that a movie is about to be made about the so called Hero of Steubenville by a production company headed by Brad Pitt. It is said that the hero is celebrating this good news and is likely awaiting the fame and fortune that might result.

Not so fast.

The one important thing that one must understand is that the entertainment industry is a rather strange business. It is an expensive business to produce a movie no matter what the venue, theatrical, television or direct to video or even pay per view.

Production costs generally run into the millions of dollars and the producers and investors want the most money they can make out of something that will have a fairly short attention span among those they expect to view anything they make.

Because of this, production companies will do anything to garner attention to their project even if that means destroying the main subject of their story in the process. The fact that the hero is accused by the federal government for criminal acts against private citizens is a gold mine for them.

The biggest money maker for a production company is publicity. It does not matter if it is paid or free, just as long as much attention is paid to the project as possible. Publicity sells and bad publicity sells more.

enqcaJust about all of the bad publicity that is leaked about a movie, the stars or the subject of the movie is generated by the publicity department of the production company or the distributor  assigned to sell it to media and theatrical outlets.

In this case, generating attention getting publicity about the hero and by extension the movie will be a breeze. The hero is tweeting the kinds of things that tabloids are hungry for.

globe“Hacker Hero Offers Bounty To Target Housewives” might be one headline that would appear on the cover of the Enquirer, Globe, or Star. A photo of the hero holding a fist full of money and flipping the bird would make an ideal cover photo. I am certain that the editors of these publications might even come up with more creative headlines.

starThe so called hero is currently posting on Twitter asking for the identities of his targets using Anonymous usernames. There is a screen shot circulating around Twitter that indicates what that information would be used for and the kind of information he is seeking to gain.

Another problem for the hero hacker is that he forgets that the prosecutor assigned to try his case may be monitoring his social media accounts and may be aware of his postings. Since what he is posting might amount as a confession, her chances of prosecuting him may have gotten far better than expected.

There is also a defense attorney that might find his job a lot harder due to the person he chose to represent.

The fame that is being garnered because of this movie story may have another unexpected result. The result will be his being less likely to get a decent paying job and any employment in the computer it field would be next to impossible.

Who wants to risk hiring a criminal computer hacker who might get mad at the boss and mess up their computers?

There is also the problem of his impending trial. If he does get convicted, he will be getting three squares and a cot for at least a decade. He will then be a convicted felon which does not look good on a resume.

One final note. The rights to the story does not belong to the hero. It belongs to the author of the article the movie will be derived from and the magazine that publishes it. They were paid for the story and as far as I can find out, the hero was not. His main role will be as a consultant and it is unlikely he will be paid for his services. If there is compensation, it will be in the form of residuals on the NET box office. If the movie fails to make a profit, he will not get a dime.

No matter what the future of this movie may be, the fame of the hero and attention given to him will be short lived. His story will soon fade into obscurity and so will he.

Stay tuned