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opmaryI have been watching with ever growing concern that yet another rape survivor is being victimized by those who create OPS on social media sites that become unraveled due to the personal agendas of those who either latch on to the cause or hijack it.

That seems to be the case with the OP set up to try and seek justice for Daisey Coleman, a rape survivor who attempted suicide due to the bullying on Facebook and other social media accounts:

I had not been following this case until recently when a series of tweets started appearing on my twitter log. It seems that those who I follow and who follow me as well as others on Twitter had  been posting about the actions of the former Knightsec founder who, from what I am able to sort out among all of the rhetoric, has taken over or hijacked #OpMaryville.

While the dispute is still a bit confusing what is clear is that in all the arguing going on, the cause for Justice for Daisey Coleman seems to have been either set aside or forgotten.

This is the Daisey Coleman story in her own words:

This is Daisey’s story as told by her mother as she deals with the often cruel postings on social media:

I did a search about this case by entering #opmaryville on Twitter:

twittersearch opmI was astonished to find, not information about Daisy and the efforts to seek justice for her, but, rather, images and posts having to do with everyone arguing with each other about who did what and who was running the op.

In some cases, the twitter posts are advising people NOT to get involved with #OPMaryville. This is having the net effect of many people getting turned off with all of the drama and thus decreasing any help that may have been forthcoming to help the Colemans in their desire to seek justice.

This is Steubenville all over again. An on line effort gets started with the noble cause of seeking justice for a rape survivor. Then people with ulterior motives become involved and an on line civil war breaks out. The original reason why people got together in the first place gets set aside in the internet war of words.

It is unfortunate that a strong and powerful medium that could be used for good has instead decayed into a venue for egos to clash. Those involved in the current dispute should set aside their differences and come together for the common good.

As much as I would like to see this happen for Daisy’s sake, I am not holding my breath.

Stay tuned