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Monthly Archives: April 2014

shrewThere seems to be a trend of some on twitter of  applying labels to people without knowing the meaning of what that label is. In this case it is the use of the term Shrew. What is supposed to be an insult may, in fact, be a compliment.

Simply put, a shrew is a woman with an attitude. The dictionary describes a shrew as “an unpleasant, bad-tempered woman. “

Now if one were to read the twitter logs of a certain blogger from Ohio that gained notoriety in the Steubenville rape case, or the twitter logs of a woman from the Pacific Northwest who claims to be the one who got Anonymous involved in the Steubenville rape case, you would see where both of these women were unpleasant bad-tempered women.”

It is therefore logical to come to the conclusion that the fans and supporters of these two women who are  placing this label on others on Twitter are actually paying them a compliment.


Stay tuned


It seems that the new vigilante movement of putting a bounty on the identity of an individual or group has sparked a new way of earning a living in this recession among it professionals who find themselves out of work for the moment.

ontheairThere are rumors of anonymous e mails floating around that are offering to “investigate” the identity of certain individuals for a a fee based on the importance of the subject and the degree of difficulty that may be encountered during such an “investigation.”

anonmask4CHANSince these solicitations are purported to come from the hacktivist group Anonymous, one has to assume that some of them are qualified to find the most secretive targets and thwart any security protocols that might have been set up to prevent their identity from being discovered.

These rumors may be true and they may be not. Only time will tell.

Stay tuned



DLBOUNTYOne of the biggest enemies of loyalty is money. Money just might be the ultimate weapon to defeat Anonymous. A rather curious set of twitter posts by those that the government is likely monitoring gives an example of how this might be done.

All one has to do is offer a bounty or reward for the real life identification of someone who has an anonymous username. If the government has one of more Anonymous members that they are having a problem finding, money just might be the ticket.

There has always  those who were engaged in efforts to find out the identity of someone using an anonymous name. What is different here is that it is those who are members of or who support the Anonymous concept.

Those who defy this concept by engaging in a campaign to “out” someone who is Anonymous is demonstrating that their belief in the Anonymous concept is limited and is not absolute.

Money and those who do not take the Anonymous concept seriously will be it’s downfall.

Stay tuned


CVR mh370Just a short while before the writing of this article, it was announced at the press conference in Australia that there is a good chance that BOTH the voice and the data recorder from MH370 pingers have been detected. This has yet to be confirmed but if true, that means that the searchers have beat odds that are about the same as winning a powerball lottery.

The talking heads on CNN and other mainstream media outlets prior to this have been speculating that the aircraft may never be found and that there may be an announcement in the near future that the search would be at the least scaled back.

Tonight, however, the talking heads may have been proven wrong and now they have to change their tune and acknowledge that the aircraft may indeed be recovered. We should know for certain in the next few days.

This does remind me of statements made by those on the internet that they are absolutely certain that one or two missing children from Florida  are indeed deceased and that those of us with hope of the opposite should simply give up.

Tonight  should be a lesson that one should not give up hope and never surrender.


apologistThe widespread use of the term “rape apologist” has to be one of the most misused term in the debate over the increasing problem of Rape among Teenagers and young adults. The source of this term is from the most militant among a number of people and groups who are concerned about the number of high number of rapes among teens and young adults.

Also, the most prominent abusers of this term are those who are members of and who support the cyber terrorist group Anonymous.

anonmaskANY opinion that someone gives that is even in the slightest way different then their fixed opinions of the issues causes one to be accused of being a “rape apologist.”

Anyone who reads the various websites that has a minimum of common sense would soon learn that those labeled with this abusive term are greatly concerned with the problem with date rape and other forms of rape are trying to determine the causes of the so called rape culture and find a way to combat it.

Rape is rape, everyone understands that. That said, there are factors that come into play that increase the chances of someone being raped. Substance abuse is one, careless behavior is another. Poor choices in how one conducts themselves leads to the increase of the likely hood of abusive, including rape, occurring.

When someone lists certain factors that may have lead to a specific incident, they are immediately labeled  a rape apologist by those who do not want to hear any input that goes against their specific agenda.

One example of this is when it comes to the discussion of how a female dresses and being under the influence. This will quickly earn those going down the path of being labeled a rape apologist and worse.

knightsecThe net result is that a lot of intelligent discussion about the issue of rape gets swept aside by name calling and the use of abusive actions to further discourage any kind of discussion beyond the narrow viewpoint of the aggressive enforcers of that point of view.

The most common action is to make threats and intimidate targets with the unethical practice of DOXING and then having that information used to call the target’s employers as well as friends and family. In extreme cases credit and banking information is posted on line subjecting the victim to identity theft.

These actions by Anonymous and their supporters does nothing to solve the problem of rape. In fact the actions may do just the opposite by not allowing people to explore the root cause of rape among teenagers and young adults and come up with ways to put a stop to it.

Anonymous claims to be for first amendment rights and the right not to be spied upon(apparently only by the NSA) yet their actions indicate otherwise. Their actions are intended to deprive people of their first amendment rights by intimidating their targets from expressing their points of view.

Stay tuned


supportyOnce again the arm chair detectives that have been fighting with people they label “rape apologists” gets their facts wrong.

supportythreat This time around a “suggestion” is made that the employer of a single working mom be called and notified that they will be boycotted because “a supporter of a pedophile works there.” This is the same group, by the way, who  wrongly accused a high school student (a minor) of being the mastermind of the Gang rape. The “gang” turned out to be two teens and as the result of a lawsuit, a prominent blogger had to admit that the student was NOT, in fact, the mastermind of the rape and had nothing to do with it.

The reason given for the threat? The poster is under the mistaken impression that the woman named created the boycott site. This is, in fact, incorrect. It turns out that the boycott page was created by an unnamed local resident that is not related to the woman in question. This well known fact could have been easily confirmed by those in the support page since most are local to the area.

anonmaskThroughout the Steubenville rape saga Anonymous and their supporters have gotten their facts wrong. Many have suffered due to these mistakes. In spite of this Anonymous and others continue the same mistakes in dispensing information without taking the time to fact check what they claim.

Once again we are given an example of how  the debate over a sensitive issue can get out of hand. All this renewed debate started over one of the convicted rapists being denied entry to the local YMCA. A boycott page was started and soon afterward the support YMCA page was created. This is an ongoing pattern with this case. Websites with polar opposite points of view are created, not to advance their causes but, instead, to launch personal attacks against each other.

The cause of the dispute becomes lost in the fog of war.

Stay tuned


knightsecThe Anonymous hactivists are hypocrites pure and simple. Why? Because they engage in the very practice they scream to the high heavens that they complain the US government does and worse. One example of this is the glorification of Deric Lostutter as a hero and the massive amount of seemingly favorable publicity he is getting from the mainstream media.

snowdenEdward Snowden is a hero to Anonymous and others because he leaked secret documents concerning how the US government is gathering private information on all of us in their effort to combat terrorism. Anonymous  Lostutter and his supporters complain near and far while at the same time doing the exact same thing.

What people seem to have overlooked was that in the quest to bring the Steubenville rapists to justice, Anonymous, Lostutter and others were alleged to have broken the law in the process.

Lostutter and others are charged with what in essence is wiretapping. Another defendant is accused of gaining unauthorized access to an e-mail account and STEALING it’s contents. MOST of what was stolen from the account had nothing to do with the rape but, rather, personal information and files belonging to the person maintaining the website.

dericLostutter and others have also engaged in the interesting practice of DOXING which is the gathering of every piece of information about a target and publishing the information for all to see on the internet. NOWHERE in the documents leaked by Mr Snowden was there any indication that the NSA engaged in the practice of doxing and attacking their targets with the information within a dox. 

Lostutter, Anonymous and their supporters take this practice one step further and attack those they label “rape apologists” because they dare disagree with their point of view regarding the rape case.

There are instances where Lostutter has bragged that Anonymous has gathered PRIVATE information such as social security numbers and banking information on their targets and included this information in their doxbins. Victims have reported having their bank accounts broken into and unauthorized charges made to their Mastercard and Visa accounts. Members of Anonymous routinely break into social media accounts of their targets, impersonate them, and create counterfeit content that they then use to accuse their victims of unsavory conduct.

Falsely accusing people of being pedophiles is the most common practice of Anonymous and other vigilantes involved in Big Red and other high profile cases being reported on various blogs and other social media sites.

theyboycottymcaIn the latest instance, a person Lostutter and others accuse of being the administrator of a Facebook account set up to boycott a local YMCA, was threatened with having her employer called and intimidated in the hopes that she would be fired. This is how Anonymous operates. They work to suppress the rights of free speech of those who have a different point of view then theirs and then complain when the government enforces the laws that are in place to protect peoples right to privacy.

“The end justifies the means” stance these groups take is nothing less than hypocritical. They are doing the same thing they accuse the Government is doing and worse and justify their actions because of the cause they are supporting. They also feel they are justified at attacking others of whose opinions they disagree.

Their efforts seem to be paying off, because the inept and gullible in the entertainment industry are flocking to support them and are now going to glorify their actions in a movie.

While the guilty reap the benefits of their crimes, the victims suffer in obscurity.

Welcome to the decay of civilization.

Stay tuned





bradThere is yet another firestorm brewing in Steubenville, Ohio. This time over the news that Brad Pitt is going to make a movie about Anonymous and their involvement in the case. According to a number of articles, the movie will center around Deric Lostutter’s rather unique involvement in the events that transpired throughout the investigation of the case by local law enforcement and the eventual trial of the two charged with the rape.

The earliest one would expect to see this production to hit the big screen is in about a year from now unless Plan B Entertainment rushes production which is something they are not known for. A more realistic release date would be about 18 months from the beginning of production. At the moment Lostutter faces at least a decade in federal prison for his role in the alleged hacking of at least one e mail website as well as other actions involving identity theft.

dericWhile there some conclusions by various parties about how Mr Lostutter will be portrayed in the movie, some assume that he will be portrayed as the hero. Sources I have checked with indicate that this may not necessarily be the case.  There are indications that Anonymous and those involved may not be cast in as much of a favorable light as one might think. It is the intent of the producers of the film that the story will be told as close to the truth of the actual events as can be made.

If that is the case, the fame that Mr Lustutter may receive may not be the kind he anticipated or desired.

Stay tuned


theyA new battle is raging on social media that once again involves the Big Red Rape case. The center of contention stems from the local YMCA barring convicted Sex offender Malik Richmond from entering the facility as a guest. The diverse viewpoints that exist in Steubenville over the events of the case spilled over as both sides battled each other over Malik’s not being allowed into the Y.

malikrichmondThe YMCA has a national policy against allowing convicted sex offenders to be members and there has been story after story of YMCA chapters revoking the membership of those found to be convicted sex offenders as background checks are done.

The case here is somewhat different in that Malik Richmond was a guest and those who are complaining about him being barred use this circumstance in their argument.  There is even a Facebook page advocating the boycott of the Steubenville YMCA due to their actions.

This debate puts the YMCA in a no win situation. If they allow Malik into their facility, they get accused of violating the national policy set in place by the YMCA leadership. By not allowing him, even as a guest, they find themselves at the center of a boycott.

boycottymcaThe battle over the YMCA has formed some strange alliances as certain principals are brought forth by those on both sides. Those fighting the “rape culture”   they claim exists in Steubenville praise the decision of the YMCA to ban Malik. On the other side of the debate is the argument that the YMCA did not do a background check but instead relied on the “public” knowledge of his conviction.

This latest debate demonstrates that the wounds of the Big Red Rape case has not healed and that the bitter battle between all sides is as intense as it was at the peak of the events surrounding the rape of Jane Doe.

The YMCA is the latest entrant into this battle.

The actions of the YMCA also brings up a reality. It is just one example of what a registered sex offender will face when they attempt to participate at locations that have restrictions on sex offenders due to their catering to minors. No matter what side one falls on in the debate over Malik, it is a reality he will have to face for the rest of his life.

Stay tuned