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astroaccusationOver the past several months there have been a number of sock accounts placed on Twitter attacking two specific individuals. The net result is that the individuals in question and theirĀ  supporters have blamed the whole mess on me.

For some strange reason, this ship of fools seem to think I am the only person on the entire internet that has issues with them.

Blaming someone for operating socks is one thing, proving it is another matter. One officer of the court claims to have software claiming to be able to do so. The one time she tried to prove her point demonstrated that the software was either wrong or someone else in Florida is operating sock accounts. The info she provided did not match my IP or provider information. I even supplied this information for her to check.

Now those of you out there reading thisĀ  are probably wondering what the hell a sock account is? Quite simply a sock account is a Twitter or other social media account that is created by a known person as a second or third account with the express purpose of publishing to the internet and hoping to fool people into thinking they are someone else.

The sock accounts normally target one or more individuals with accusations or images that does not paint a favorable picture of the target or targets.

It seems that there is a new purpose for creating these accounts. That purpose is to frame someone as being behind them. It is fairly easy to do. One only has to imitate writing styles and so forth to fool people into believing the accusations are true.

It is easy for someone to accuse me or others of running sock accounts, it is quite another thing to prove it. To prove the accusation of someone owning a sock account would require access to the site the account was created on through legal channels. That is not an easy thing to do. Believe me I have tried.

It seems that for whatever reason a certain blogger and HIS Entourage have this fixation towards me, a retired Truck driver who spends the bulk of his time watching tv or playing games on facebook.

If anything it shows they have unimportant lives or:

There is something these people are trying to cover up or divert attention from.

Those in the know should think about that.

Stay tuned