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sterlingIn all the conversations that have taken place regarding the deplorable comments made by the owner of the La Clippers NBA team, not one comment was made about the legality of releasing the recordings to the press and the breech of privacy in doing so.

With all the uproar about the invasion of privacy by the US government and law enforcement agencies by the likes of Ed Snowden, there is a surprising lack of concern about an alleged private conversation being recorded and then being released by a former girlfriend who is the defendant in a civil lawsuit.

vsThe fact that his girlfriend recorded the conversation in the first place should be cause for concern. It is reported that she is a defendant in a civil lawsuit that accuses her of misappropriatingĀ  almost two million dollars.

The release of the recording looks to be an attempt to divert the attention away from someone committing a serious crime to that of someone who makes offensive statements in a private setting.

Mr Sterling should be held accountable for his obvious racism but at the same time, whoever released the recordings should also be held accountable for any laws she broke as well.

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