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Monthly Archives: May 2014

dericJust when I thought that things had started to calm down a bit, all hell breaks loose on Twitter. It seems the famous, sort of, Hactivist from Kentucky is getting pummeled because of his latest “please send me money for my new venture” campaign.

Deric wants to be a professional DJ and is now seeking donations in order to be able to do that. This has caused those who have been after him for these various donation drives to once again go after him. At the center of this is the mysterious Astro__x.

Astro and I had an ongoing relationship based on what I had considered mutual concerns over the actions of a number of individuals on Twitter and elsewhere. We had a parting of the ways a while back for reasons still not clear to me. I got the impression that there was something of a misunderstanding that Astro refused to make clear and seems unwilling to address to this day.

astrohraderOne major reason for being abandoned by Astro is her mistaken belief that I was behind a rash of sock accounts primarily attacking Levi Page. I, of course, have stated time and again that I did no such thing. I even took the step of sending an E mail to Mr Page stating that I had nothing to do with the socks created for the express purpose of attacking him.

Astro continued on with her accusations to the joy of those who have been my critics for years.

Astro has emerged as a lead reformer among the small group of on line personalities that surround the debate of the events of interest in the city of Steubenville, Ohio in the aftermath of the Big Red Rape Case. She has become immersed in all things Steubenville and in the recent actions of Kyanonymous.

As the ebb and flow of issues to be debated and the shift in the lead players continues, it is hard to predict where things will go next and who will direct them.

One thing is for certain. That direction will not be towards discussing issues of concern such as missing children or the problems of rape among teenagers but instead towards an ongoing scandal fest on twitter and elsewhere on the social media sites.

Is there now going to be a blog known as Astronewz?

Stay tuned


standinA remarkable thing has been happening lately. A new term has appeared in a number of twitter accounts. It is now suspected that some more well known accounts are being written by “stand ins.” The term first surfaced when someone outwardly declared that they were a stand in for someone who decided to come down to Florida.

After that the speculations started that certain accounts, including this one, were being used by someone other than the person who originally created it.

This is not a new claim, however, but the term is. In the past, the claims have been “hacked” or “taken over.” In this latest instance a claim is being made that a stand in is using the account of a rather interesting woman to say the least. This is not the first time there was a claim of her account being used by a stand in. There was a claim where the so called take over happened months ago. This was when  when a mysterious association developed with a male figure that seems to also be in the eye of another woman from way out west caused speculation that the account was being used by someone else.

There was always the feeling that her account was being used by someone else if not all of the time, at least part of the time. The motive of this particular stand in was and remains unclear.

As the thought processes of more and more of the regulars in this small circle of debaters are coming  to the conclusion that things are not always what they appear to be, more and more of those who make certain accusations are going to realize that the accusations be be misplaced.

It is this revelation that might cause more to understand the fact that placing blame for certain actions on specific individuals is, at the very least, a futile effort.

Perhaps it will be these stand ins, real or imagined, who will be the key to finally getting these wild accusations fests to end so that everyone can move on to more productive pursuits.

Stay tuned

MURT (maybe)

According to a blog entry written today, I am not me but am someone else pretending to be me.


So Murt in my book,  I had ever reason to block you, not to communicate with you.. and not to respond to your bullshit that you put out..   I’m right on the money.. the poster behind Murtwitnessone,  IS NOT MURT.”

I knew that the real Murt was no longer in charge of his twitter or Blog..  His postings were all swayed.    So, we are making sure this is PUBLIC ..

If you are confused, so am I, at least to some extent. For years it was assumed that if someone was on any social media site under a handle or username, those reading the content of that social media site could be confident that the person behind the name is who they claimed to be.

That is not true today, of course, as more and more accounts now state that they are not who they claim to be. They claim to be hacked, or someone else substituting for someone else. One account holder claimed they were a “stand in” which, of course is a substitute. Another well known account holder claimed to have been hacked and informed his followers that it was not him sending out the spam in PM but it was the hacker that was doing it.

For years I have been stating over and over again that my various social media accounts were being hacked and posts were being made that were not mine. Words were being said that I did not say. Everyone said that could not be. Everyone said that it could not be done.

The problem for the doubters is that every single day, someone comes out with a claim that someone is really not someone but either a stand in or someone pretending to be that someone.

So to twist an a famous old tagline: To be me or not to be me, that is the question

Stay tuned

MURT (or whoever else this might be)

lulzitIt seems that today I might have ended a long standing feud between two women on Twitter, all because I was able to prove that at least one of them has what are widely known as “sock puppet” twitter accounts. The two women, Holly and Brianne have been having an on line war with each other for as long as I can remember.

skytrain celebbichingsBoth have blogs about each other and both have rather unique ways of attacking each other on their various blogs and social media accounts. Both use the proverbial sock accounts.

hbnutsWhat the hell is a sock account anyway?

The most widely accepted reference is this one:

This is different, somewhat, from an anonymous account where someone is trying to hide who they actually are but is also wanting to make comments with some assurance they will not be personally known or targeted. There is a well known blog that fits this reference.

As some readers might know, there have been a rash of sock puppet accounts springing up that are targeting up three or four specific individuals which is the most common use of these things. I wound up being blamed for most of them.  I would suspect that the creation of some of the socks were for the express purpose of blaming me for creating them.

It would be nice, since now it has been proven that one or more of these on line individuals is behind at lest some of the sock accounts, that they would stop making them.

Making sock accounts is  addictive and these people have proven themselves to be sock account addicts.

Because of that addiction, I will not be holding my breath.

Stay tuned


moIt seems that more and more advocates are stealing the message from one cause to use as their won. A recent example of this is the use of the first lady, Michelle Obama, in the campaign against Monsanto. A social media post appears that would give people the impression that Michelle is criticizing President Obama, her husband.

This, of course, is false. What the Monsanto protester did was to change the sign she was holding from the original message having to do with the bringbackthegirls ccampaign to rescue the girls who were kidnapped in Africa to their own.

mobbogIf anything, this is unethical. Also, to highjack a cause such as #bringbackourgirls is cruel at the very least.

It is also a lie.

It is doubtful that this sort of thing is going to stop. What can come out of this is that people will start to see that sometimes what is being said by someone is actually altered content.

Altered content? Sound familiar?

Stay tuned


usmcWhat one does in life lives on as his legacy in his death. The legacy of a Marine veteran who has recently fallen lives on in the Twitter community.  While I did not know this soldier directly, I had read his postings on twitter and have heard of his efforts through others who were his friends.

It is appropriate that it is the coming weekend where we all remember and thank all of those who have served our country and pray for those who have passed on.

Stay tuned


CENSOREDIt is a sad fact that in the world of blogs, twitter postings, facebook postings and so forth, that one may put his privacy and security in peril if he should cross the path of an on line vigilante who might not like what you may have to say. I offer this fair warning to all.

twitterIf you are going to exercise your right to free speech, weigh the risks. Make damn certain you have never made a mistake, no matter how minor. Be prepared to have your family members attacked and mocked on  the internet. Be prepared to pay the price of not keeping your mouth shut.

ontheairThe rules today state that it is best if you shut up and say nothing. Do not advocate anything. Be careful what blogs you visit for the owner is likely collecting your log on information. That same blogger may even put malware on your computer to see what is contained there.

kaproI have been on line in one form or another since before the World Wide Web was created. Those who were on line at that time had a code of ethics. We debated each other and some of those debates were strident and heated. We, however, did not attack each other and we certainly did not investigate each other’s background to see what dirt we could dig up to use against those we disagreed with.

The debates remained on topic. There were no insults or personal attacks.

That is not true today. With the evolution in technology it is easier to get on the internet and the knowledge needed to operate a computer is minimal. There are even children publishing elaborate blogs.

This ease of entry also brings to the internet those who lack the moral compass to follow the rules of common decency. Piss someone off and you risk getting doxed. Your enemy will utilize the tools available today to do a cradle to grave search on you.

Your enemy will post pictures of your house on the internet and encourage total strangers to make unwanted visits at a time you may be asleep. Your enemy does not care that criminals may be reading their posts and perhaps chose your residence to visit and obtain a five finger discount.

Your enemy will find and publish the obituaries of your mother, father, children or anyone else remotely connected to you.

Your enemy will find and publish pictures and information on your brothers and sisters, their children and spouses, and their addresses as well. There are no limits to what your enemy can and will do.

nospeechYou may have the freedom to speak, but it seems safer to exercise your freedom to remain quiet.

Stay tuned


usmcA blogger known for conducting personal attacks and publishing false content has not taken out his wrath on a United States Marine. In a recent twitter posting, the blogger expressed his doubts about the honesty of the Marine’s Facebook posting concerning a box of collector shirts that fell off of his vehicle while traveling.


Rather than doing some basic research, the blogger posted that the base the Marine claimed to be leaving was an ARMY base. The blogger clearly demonstrated his ignorance of a military base he claimed to know about since there is a strong Marine connection to the base.


I am surprised that someone who is supposed to have a strong connection to this part of the country was not aware of this well known fact.

In spite of a number of postings to the blogger explaining that connection, the blogger never retracted his error.

The treatment of that complete stranger demonstrates the true feeling of that blogger when it comes to military veterans.

Stay tuned



astrofraudSince at least Mother’s day, @Astro__x has been making personal attacks against me as well as making some serious accusations against me. I had written on this blog as well on twitter denying the accusations made against me. I also advised her to contact me using a method we had established in order to prevent someone who may hack her account attempt to contact me and extract private information she had provided me on confidence.

The Astro account kept making a large number of postings accusing me of dozens of serious actions as well as authoring a good number of Twitter Sock accounts. Despite my requests for her or one of her contacts to do so, No record or screen  shot of the named sock accounts  have yet to be provided to this day.

Earlier this evening, the person operating the Axtro account FINALLY admitted that the proper owner was not the one making the posts and then claimed that the real person is in the same city in which I currently reside.

The Astro__x account should once again provide proof that one cannot attribute on line content to a specific individual. Only the kind of forensic proof that would come from law enforcement could establish proof beyond all doubt.

This kind of proof is NOT going to come from vigilante blogs or members of criminal hacktivist organizations.

Stay tuned


astrodoorWhile death threats and threats of physical harm have been around since the beginning of the internet, there has been a dramatic upswing of these threats on Twitter as well as elsewhere on the various social media websites. What makes the latest spate of threats against me and others to be of concern  is they they are all coming from lonley old or mentally troubled women.

Most of these women are alone, either never married, divorced or widowed. In at least one case, the woman is actually a male impersonating a woman. Violence, it seems, along with a lack of moral ethics, seems to be the primary make up of these anonymous and reclusive women.

They spend the vast majority of their closed in lives, huddled over their computers spewing out their hate and threats for all the world to see.

grannygardenBefore the advent of the internet, these old, lonely women would be seen tending to their flowers much the same way as used to be portrayed on those little wooden thingabobs that people used to post in their gardens.

I half expect that one of these women will be demented enough to make good on their threats only to run into the business end of someone exercising their second amendment rights as well as testing out the stand your ground laws.

Stay tuned