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astrofraudSince at least Mother’s day, @Astro__x has been making personal attacks against me as well as making some serious accusations against me. I had written on this blog as well on twitter denying the accusations made against me. I also advised her to contact me using a method we had established in order to prevent someone who may hack her account attempt to contact me and extract private information she had provided me on confidence.

The Astro account kept making a large number of postings accusing me of dozens of serious actions as well as authoring a good number of Twitter Sock accounts. Despite my requests for her or one of her contacts to do so, No record or screen  shot of the named sock accounts  have yet to be provided to this day.

Earlier this evening, the person operating the Axtro account FINALLY admitted that the proper owner was not the one making the posts and then claimed that the real person is in the same city in which I currently reside.

The Astro__x account should once again provide proof that one cannot attribute on line content to a specific individual. Only the kind of forensic proof that would come from law enforcement could establish proof beyond all doubt.

This kind of proof is NOT going to come from vigilante blogs or members of criminal hacktivist organizations.

Stay tuned