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knightsecIt looks like we may be one step closer to the day when, hopefully, the alleged hacker faces justice for the crimes he is accused of committing during the height of the Big Red Rape case.

JAILWhile there is always the chance that he could be acquitted of all charges and is presumed innocent until proven guilty (something he and his supporters do not apply to their targets) it is hoped that a sensible jury will see the facts and give him the longest sentence allowable under the law and teach those who pull such stunts that there is a price to pay for their misdeeds.

Under the guise of being an anti rape advocate, a group of vigilantes are wreaking havoc with the personal lives of those who had nothing to do with any rape and whose only guilt was to offer their opinion regarding the events surrounding the case.

Every day cyber abusers and vigilantes appoint themselves as the internet police and convict their targets of imaginary crimes and intimidate them in an attempt to drive them off of the internet.

It will only be until some of these cyber abusers find themselves in jail for at least a decade that this abuse comes to a stop.

Stay tuned