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According to a blog entry written today, I am not me but am someone else pretending to be me.


So Murt in my book,  I had ever reason to block you, not to communicate with you.. and not to respond to your bullshit that you put out..   I’m right on the money.. the poster behind Murtwitnessone,  IS NOT MURT.”

I knew that the real Murt was no longer in charge of his twitter or Blog..  His postings were all swayed.    So, we are making sure this is PUBLIC ..

If you are confused, so am I, at least to some extent. For years it was assumed that if someone was on any social media site under a handle or username, those reading the content of that social media site could be confident that the person behind the name is who they claimed to be.

That is not true today, of course, as more and more accounts now state that they are not who they claim to be. They claim to be hacked, or someone else substituting for someone else. One account holder claimed they were a “stand in” which, of course is a substitute. Another well known account holder claimed to have been hacked and informed his followers that it was not him sending out the spam in PM but it was the hacker that was doing it.

For years I have been stating over and over again that my various social media accounts were being hacked and posts were being made that were not mine. Words were being said that I did not say. Everyone said that could not be. Everyone said that it could not be done.

The problem for the doubters is that every single day, someone comes out with a claim that someone is really not someone but either a stand in or someone pretending to be that someone.

So to twist an a famous old tagline: To be me or not to be me, that is the question

Stay tuned

MURT (or whoever else this might be)