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lulzitIt seems that today I might have ended a long standing feud between two women on Twitter, all because I was able to prove that at least one of them has what are widely known as “sock puppet” twitter accounts. The two women, Holly and Brianne have been having an on line war with each other for as long as I can remember.

skytrain celebbichingsBoth have blogs about each other and both have rather unique ways of attacking each other on their various blogs and social media accounts. Both use the proverbial sock accounts.

hbnutsWhat the hell is a sock account anyway?

The most widely accepted reference is this one:

This is different, somewhat, from an anonymous account where someone is trying to hide who they actually are but is also wanting to make comments with some assurance they will not be personally known or targeted. There is a well known blog that fits this reference.

As some readers might know, there have been a rash of sock puppet accounts springing up that are targeting up three or four specific individuals which is the most common use of these things. I wound up being blamed for most of them.  I would suspect that the creation of some of the socks were for the express purpose of blaming me for creating them.

It would be nice, since now it has been proven that one or more of these on line individuals is behind at lest some of the sock accounts, that they would stop making them.

Making sock accounts is  addictive and these people have proven themselves to be sock account addicts.

Because of that addiction, I will not be holding my breath.

Stay tuned