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CENSOREDIt is a sad fact that in the world of blogs, twitter postings, facebook postings and so forth, that one may put his privacy and security in peril if he should cross the path of an on line vigilante who might not like what you may have to say. I offer this fair warning to all.

twitterIf you are going to exercise your right to free speech, weigh the risks. Make damn certain you have never made a mistake, no matter how minor. Be prepared to have your family members attacked and mocked onĀ  the internet. Be prepared to pay the price of not keeping your mouth shut.

ontheairThe rules today state that it is best if you shut up and say nothing. Do not advocate anything. Be careful what blogs you visit for the owner is likely collecting your log on information. That same blogger may even put malware on your computer to see what is contained there.

kaproI have been on line in one form or another since before the World Wide Web was created. Those who were on line at that time had a code of ethics. We debated each other and some of those debates were strident and heated. We, however, did not attack each other and we certainly did not investigate each other’s background to see what dirt we could dig up to use against those we disagreed with.

The debates remained on topic. There were no insults or personal attacks.

That is not true today. With the evolution in technology it is easier to get on the internet and the knowledge needed to operate a computer is minimal. There are even children publishing elaborate blogs.

This ease of entry also brings to the internet those who lack the moral compass to follow the rules of common decency. Piss someone off and you risk getting doxed. Your enemy will utilize the tools available today to do a cradle to grave search on you.

Your enemy will post pictures of your house on the internet and encourage total strangers to make unwanted visits at a time you may be asleep. Your enemy does not care that criminals may be reading their posts and perhaps chose your residence to visit and obtain a five finger discount.

Your enemy will find and publish the obituaries of your mother, father, children or anyone else remotely connected to you.

Your enemy will find and publish pictures and information on your brothers and sisters, their children and spouses, and their addresses as well. There are no limits to what your enemy can and will do.

nospeechYou may have the freedom to speak, but it seems safer to exercise your freedom to remain quiet.

Stay tuned