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dericJust when I thought that things had started to calm down a bit, all hell breaks loose on Twitter. It seems the famous, sort of, Hactivist from Kentucky is getting pummeled because of his latest “please send me money for my new venture” campaign.

Deric wants to be a professional DJ and is now seeking donations in order to be able to do that. This has caused those who have been after him for these various donation drives to once again go after him. At the center of this is the mysterious Astro__x.

Astro and I had an ongoing relationship based on what I had considered mutual concerns over the actions of a number of individuals on Twitter and elsewhere. We had a parting of the ways a while back for reasons still not clear to me. I got the impression that there was something of a misunderstanding that Astro refused to make clear and seems unwilling to address to this day.

astrohraderOne major reason for being abandoned by Astro is her mistaken belief that I was behind a rash of sock accounts primarily attacking Levi Page. I, of course, have stated time and again that I did no such thing. I even took the step of sending an E mail to Mr Page stating that I had nothing to do with the socks created for the express purpose of attacking him.

Astro continued on with her accusations to the joy of those who have been my critics for years.

Astro has emerged as a lead reformer among the small group of on line personalities that surround the debate of the events of interest in the city of Steubenville, Ohio in the aftermath of the Big Red Rape Case. She has become immersed in all things Steubenville and in the recent actions of Kyanonymous.

As the ebb and flow of issues to be debated and the shift in the lead players continues, it is hard to predict where things will go next and who will direct them.

One thing is for certain. That direction will not be towards discussing issues of concern such as missing children or the problems of rape among teenagers but instead towards an ongoing scandal fest on twitter and elsewhere on the social media sites.

Is there now going to be a blog known as Astronewz?

Stay tuned