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googleimageOne of the primary weapons in the war chest of the hater, cyber abuser, troll, etc. is the placing of personal information and false content about someone they target on the internet for the sole purpose of attacking them.

A majority of employers now routinely check the internet to see if there is anything adverse about prospective employees that would preclude that employer from hiring them.

The false content could turn up on such sites as Benverified,com which might destroy any potential relationship.

eurpoecourtThe ruling by the EU court will require Google do remove links from their search engine that was something they have refused to do in the past.:

While this case was brought in a Europen court and is intended to apply to  eu member countries, those in the United States and elsewhere will have that right since the Internet has no borders and most content is generated through websites, blogs and other internet websites that are either based outside the United States or who are required to comply with their laws in order to be allowed to operate in member countries.

The United States cannot force it’s first amendment restrictions on the rest of the world even if the person who requests the link removal from the Google search engine is a US citizen.

Also, the ruling does not require the removal of the CONTENT that the link goes to. It only requires that  the link to the content to be removed.

Up to now, victims of stalkers writing defamatory blogs, stealing images from personal social media sites such as Facebook, twitter and photobucket have had to go through a complicated process to get that content removed through filing dmca complaints.

ontheairanonmask4CHANThis ruling will make it easier to deal a swift blow to the actions of stalkers and cyber abusers.

It might not be the perfect solution to erasing the damaging done by stalkers but it is a beginning.

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