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lulzitA rather strange blogger has been fixated with the accusation that I go around and create sock accounts in order to attack him and a college kid out of Tenn.

Any attempt to convince this moron and his followers that he is dead wrong is futile despite the mountain of proof otherwise.

One prime example is a now deactivated Sock account that was on twitter for a while. The username was Lulzlady and the owner claimed to be out of Germany.

Now, for the record, I  do not speak German, I do not read German. I am of Irish heritage but do not speak anything BUT English.

astrogerman1Now, let us look at the twitter account of @Astro_x. There has been at least 5 recent examples of this person posting IN GERMAN.

astrogerman2Now why  is this person posting in German? Is it to reach the other known Twitter account holders that speak this language? Michelle L McKee has posted in fluent German in the past. So has Alex Goddard who is a German native.

astrohraderOthers have as well which is likely the reason that @Astro_x has decided to start tweeting in German. Since I do not speak German, I do not have a clue what she is saying.

The reason I have to keep bringing this subject up is because a number of people on twitter cannot seem to let the subject drop and keep making these stupid accusations over and over again.

dicktYou would think that these people who go around hiring private detectives, having lawyers and officers of the court at their disposal that they would be able to offer clear cut proof of just who it is behind all of these socks.

vasealThey might find that their answer as to is behind these socks is not down here in Central Florida but much farther north, perhaps somewhere in the state in Virginia.

Stay Tuned