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troll_2I have to laugh at the stupidity of those in the on line community that complain loudly about the actions of the US government when it comes to the collection of on line data and the alleged spying on US citizens.

PASTEBINWhat these poor ignorant souls do not understand is it is not the government that is spying on them. Their personal information is being gathered by none other than “the kid in the basement” or reclusive women with too much time on their hands who would rather create drama on the internet rather than watch it on TV

Yes, the government might be spying on all of us as Snowden says but at least they keep their mouths shut and do not go around doxing everyone.

So, to all of you out there, before you start complaining about what the government is doing, you had better check pastebin to be sure there is not a dox of you published not by the CIA, NSA. FBI etc, but , rather, by the ever present internet troll whose only goal is to make your life miserable.

Stay tuned