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hobdmI am not certain if your creation of the various socks was a sincere effort to seek retribution against those you feel have wronged you or others or if you are creating the socks to play games and damage those of us on social media that did not create those sock accounts.

If you intentions were sincere as some have expressed to me in private messages, you failed and have done more damage than any intention to aid those for whom you claimed to be  defending. I do not believe in the use of sock accounts. They are a waste of time and accomplish nothing other than wreaking havoc on those who had nothing to do with them.

The way some of these socks are created leave me and others at a disadvantage for it is rare for anyone other than the intended target to be tagged or otherwise linked. In most cases I do not read or am blocked from certain accounts targeted by the sock accounts. Because of that, I have no idea of what is being said until it is either blogged about or in the case of  @Astro_x and others on twitter, who start their rants falsely accusing me of being behind them.

I am at a disadvantage here because I have no way of proving to anyone’s satisfaction that I am NOT behind any of the sock accounts that have been created. People who choose to disbelieve my claims of NOT being behind the sock accounts are a waste of my time to try and resolve the matter.

I am quite angry with whoever put up the photos of a pornographic nature against Levi Page. To me that is a disgusting thing to do. I do not condone it and I certainly hope this sort of thing will stop.

There is nothing wrong with stating a legitimate complaint against whoever one feels deserves it. It is quite wrong, unethical and immoral to post false images and narratives of such a nature as was done to Levi.

I have strong disagreements with Levi and his past actions. That said, I would never create a sock that contained the imagry that appeared on Radio’s blog.

It is time that people grow up and start acting like the adults we are supposed to be. Peoples minds  are not going to be changed by someone creating sock accounts and posting unethical content or stolen photos from their personal accounts.

The effect is quite the opposite for it strengthens the position of the target rather than weakens it. 

I would respectfully ask those such as @haterofbullies to come forward and use whatever means they are able to state clearly that I am not behind the sock accounts and provide as much proof as necessary to that end.

You may not be able to convince everyone that I am not involved but perhaps the more reasonable out there will understand that you are confessing to your own actions.

One final point. It is time to put a stop to these sock accounts. Post anonymous complaints if you must but stop with the sock accounts. It is time for you to act like the adults you claim to be.