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Monthly Archives: May 2014

missingkidsA now 8 year old girl who was kidnapped from her home was found alive and well in the mountains just outside Mexico City. At first thought one might think this was Haleigh Cummings. It was not.  The link below details how this girl went missing and because of one tip to The Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the girl was found and her Kidnapper arrested.

“It is such a huge relief to bring this case to a successful conclusion,” Haught said. “Reports are the girl is extremely happy to be reunited with her family.”

This story is yet another example of why some naysayers who keep insisting that two other children that have been missing for around the same number of years are dead, may want to rethink their conclusions and at least consider the remote hope that these missing children may still be alive.

Stay tuned


There has been wide spread speculation as to who has been behind the rash of sock accounts appearing on Twitter. One sock appeared and then disappeared within a few hours. This happened when a certain blogger “ran arrends” and was off line for a while. Is this proof or just a coincidence?


You be the judge.

Stay tuned


troll_2I have to laugh at the stupidity of those in the on line community that complain loudly about the actions of the US government when it comes to the collection of on line data and the alleged spying on US citizens.

PASTEBINWhat these poor ignorant souls do not understand is it is not the government that is spying on them. Their personal information is being gathered by none other than “the kid in the basement” or reclusive women with too much time on their hands who would rather create drama on the internet rather than watch it on TV

Yes, the government might be spying on all of us as Snowden says but at least they keep their mouths shut and do not go around doxing everyone.

So, to all of you out there, before you start complaining about what the government is doing, you had better check pastebin to be sure there is not a dox of you published not by the CIA, NSA. FBI etc, but , rather, by the ever present internet troll whose only goal is to make your life miserable.

Stay tuned



knightsecIt looks like we may be one step closer to the day when, hopefully, the alleged hacker faces justice for the crimes he is accused of committing during the height of the Big Red Rape case.

JAILWhile there is always the chance that he could be acquitted of all charges and is presumed innocent until proven guilty (something he and his supporters do not apply to their targets) it is hoped that a sensible jury will see the facts and give him the longest sentence allowable under the law and teach those who pull such stunts that there is a price to pay for their misdeeds.

Under the guise of being an anti rape advocate, a group of vigilantes are wreaking havoc with the personal lives of those who had nothing to do with any rape and whose only guilt was to offer their opinion regarding the events surrounding the case.

Every day cyber abusers and vigilantes appoint themselves as the internet police and convict their targets of imaginary crimes and intimidate them in an attempt to drive them off of the internet.

It will only be until some of these cyber abusers find themselves in jail for at least a decade that this abuse comes to a stop.

Stay tuned


googleimageOne of the primary weapons in the war chest of the hater, cyber abuser, troll, etc. is the placing of personal information and false content about someone they target on the internet for the sole purpose of attacking them.

A majority of employers now routinely check the internet to see if there is anything adverse about prospective employees that would preclude that employer from hiring them.

The false content could turn up on such sites as Benverified,com which might destroy any potential relationship.

eurpoecourtThe ruling by the EU court will require Google do remove links from their search engine that was something they have refused to do in the past.:

While this case was brought in a Europen court and is intended to apply to  eu member countries, those in the United States and elsewhere will have that right since the Internet has no borders and most content is generated through websites, blogs and other internet websites that are either based outside the United States or who are required to comply with their laws in order to be allowed to operate in member countries.

The United States cannot force it’s first amendment restrictions on the rest of the world even if the person who requests the link removal from the Google search engine is a US citizen.

Also, the ruling does not require the removal of the CONTENT that the link goes to. It only requires that  the link to the content to be removed.

Up to now, victims of stalkers writing defamatory blogs, stealing images from personal social media sites such as Facebook, twitter and photobucket have had to go through a complicated process to get that content removed through filing dmca complaints.

ontheairanonmask4CHANThis ruling will make it easier to deal a swift blow to the actions of stalkers and cyber abusers.

It might not be the perfect solution to erasing the damaging done by stalkers but it is a beginning.

Stay tuned




hob2 hob3A short time after I wrote the article regarding @haterofbullies from twitter, the person responded in public that she is not me and even apologized for whatever confusion had been caused by establishing the account. I very much appreciate Haterofbullies for doing that.

ontheairWhat is surprising about this is that a virtually unknown blogger who claims to be based in Atlanta, Ga has gone to extreme measures to keep their true identity a closely held secret. Out of the hundreds of people who have interacted with the blogger in question not one has ever personally met the individual. One of these who claims not to have met the blogger includes a prominent atty from South Florida.

The blogger has stated that people have the right to have these secret identities yet joins in the effort of others in a series of attempts to uncover the identity of those who use anonymous usernames which is hypocritical.

An offshoot of these anonymous usernames is what is commonly known as a sock account. These temporary accounts are commonly set up to target an individual or group or address a specific subject. These accounts usually post to specific individuals through “tagging” and rarely have the normal follower following roster seen on the average Twitter account.

It is the proliferation of these sock accounts that is the problem. As I have stated before I consider the establishment of these kinds of accounts to be a waste of time..

I feel that if someone is going to say something or make serious accusations,they should be willing to sign their known identity to them.

I consider making any kind of claim or accusation behind a secret identity to be an act of cowardice regardless of the point of view or whom the target is.

It is easy to accuse anyone of anything or say anything under the cloak of secrecy.

It is quite another thing to sign your true name to what you are saying.



hobdmI am not certain if your creation of the various socks was a sincere effort to seek retribution against those you feel have wronged you or others or if you are creating the socks to play games and damage those of us on social media that did not create those sock accounts.

If you intentions were sincere as some have expressed to me in private messages, you failed and have done more damage than any intention to aid those for whom you claimed to be  defending. I do not believe in the use of sock accounts. They are a waste of time and accomplish nothing other than wreaking havoc on those who had nothing to do with them.

The way some of these socks are created leave me and others at a disadvantage for it is rare for anyone other than the intended target to be tagged or otherwise linked. In most cases I do not read or am blocked from certain accounts targeted by the sock accounts. Because of that, I have no idea of what is being said until it is either blogged about or in the case of  @Astro_x and others on twitter, who start their rants falsely accusing me of being behind them.

I am at a disadvantage here because I have no way of proving to anyone’s satisfaction that I am NOT behind any of the sock accounts that have been created. People who choose to disbelieve my claims of NOT being behind the sock accounts are a waste of my time to try and resolve the matter.

I am quite angry with whoever put up the photos of a pornographic nature against Levi Page. To me that is a disgusting thing to do. I do not condone it and I certainly hope this sort of thing will stop.

There is nothing wrong with stating a legitimate complaint against whoever one feels deserves it. It is quite wrong, unethical and immoral to post false images and narratives of such a nature as was done to Levi.

I have strong disagreements with Levi and his past actions. That said, I would never create a sock that contained the imagry that appeared on Radio’s blog.

It is time that people grow up and start acting like the adults we are supposed to be. Peoples minds  are not going to be changed by someone creating sock accounts and posting unethical content or stolen photos from their personal accounts.

The effect is quite the opposite for it strengthens the position of the target rather than weakens it. 

I would respectfully ask those such as @haterofbullies to come forward and use whatever means they are able to state clearly that I am not behind the sock accounts and provide as much proof as necessary to that end.

You may not be able to convince everyone that I am not involved but perhaps the more reasonable out there will understand that you are confessing to your own actions.

One final point. It is time to put a stop to these sock accounts. Post anonymous complaints if you must but stop with the sock accounts. It is time for you to act like the adults you claim to be.



lulzitSome rather strange socks have been appearing on line that has a number of people trying to guess who it is behind them. I did a little digging and came up with some interesting clues.

The first clue is that one twitter account holder was speaking German in her tweets.

astrogerman1The next clue came in the photo that appeared in her account header.

berlinIf one does a Google image search of the photo of the city in the background you will find that same photo at this link:

What is interesting is that the now closed Twitter account appeared about the same time as a “disagreement” developed between me and the woman posting the German language tweets.

Oh, one last clue. The person gave me her real surname in an e-mail some years back. It is German.

ontheairSince an obscure blog in Atlanta has done quite a few articles a few years back mentioning this person’s name, it should not be hard for those interested to go and see who it might be.

Stay tuned


lulzitA rather strange blogger has been fixated with the accusation that I go around and create sock accounts in order to attack him and a college kid out of Tenn.

Any attempt to convince this moron and his followers that he is dead wrong is futile despite the mountain of proof otherwise.

One prime example is a now deactivated Sock account that was on twitter for a while. The username was Lulzlady and the owner claimed to be out of Germany.

Now, for the record, I  do not speak German, I do not read German. I am of Irish heritage but do not speak anything BUT English.

astrogerman1Now, let us look at the twitter account of @Astro_x. There has been at least 5 recent examples of this person posting IN GERMAN.

astrogerman2Now why  is this person posting in German? Is it to reach the other known Twitter account holders that speak this language? Michelle L McKee has posted in fluent German in the past. So has Alex Goddard who is a German native.

astrohraderOthers have as well which is likely the reason that @Astro_x has decided to start tweeting in German. Since I do not speak German, I do not have a clue what she is saying.

The reason I have to keep bringing this subject up is because a number of people on twitter cannot seem to let the subject drop and keep making these stupid accusations over and over again.

dicktYou would think that these people who go around hiring private detectives, having lawyers and officers of the court at their disposal that they would be able to offer clear cut proof of just who it is behind all of these socks.

vasealThey might find that their answer as to is behind these socks is not down here in Central Florida but much farther north, perhaps somewhere in the state in Virginia.

Stay Tuned



kemiThe posting of an old link tonight brings back memories of an attack by members of an Anonymous hive  of a Canadian anti violence advocate by the name of Kemi Olunloyo. According to Anonymous, this woman had a rather checkered history and they wanted to get her put in prison or at least deported back to Georgia.

Well, just who is, Kemi Olunloyo and how did I get involved in this mess? To get to these answers we must go back to the fall of 2011 during the height of the attacks against this woman.

Kemi Olunloyo is known in Canada for her fight against violence among minority youths, mainly gang violence.

This somewhat recent blog was an interview of Ms Olunloyo and gives a biography of her:

Other links indicate a less favorable impression of Ms Olunloyo:

One has to wonder how the hell I got involved with the war against this woman. The answer, quite simply is Anonymous. A small group of individuals operating under the Anonymous mantra were engaged in an op to expose what they perceived were the crimes of this woman and wanted her deported from Canada.

At least one member of this anonymous hive was a Canadian who had also been after me due to the false belief that I was a pedophile based on posts made by a blogger from Columbus, Ohio and her sidekick from Gig Harbor, Washington who had been stalking me since the fall of 2006.

The Canadian Anonymous op leader had been contacted by at least one of the above and asked for his assistance. Shortly thereafter Ms Olunloyo contacted me since we were both being attacked by the same person. This only made matters worse as now Anonymous focused more intently on me as their new target.

The attacks reached their peak when Anonymous posted a against me using the name of Ms. Olunoloyo. Since this was identity theft, a criminal complaint was lodged against the known members of the Anonymous hive and at least one member was adjudicated guilty by the Canadian courts. Unfortunately once posted, the contents of a complaint cannot be removed.

The latest information I have been able to find about Ms. Olunloyo is that she is back in Nigeria and is writing a blog:

Anonymous turned out to be wrong about my affiliation with Ms Olunloyo. I had not taken sides with her in regards to her dispute with them. I remain neutral with her situation to this day.

The leader of the Anonymous hive has since apologized for the harm done to me due to this misunderstanding as well as the misinformation he had received from others who were stalking me :


“Open Letter To Murt

Dear Murt,
While I can’t go back in time and change what myself and others have done to you, I  would  like to offer up my sincerest and deepest apologies to you and while I know it can’t undo the damage that’s already been done, it makes sleeping for me a little easier at night by me clearing my conscience of the horrible things I’ve done and said about you. As I look back I realize just how childish and immature ALL of us acted towards you and for what? To this day I’m still not sure of the reason but if I had to guess I would say some people were just out to get you.”
The lesson I have learned from this incident is that it does not pay to try and be an advocate for truth. It is best just to be a member of the audience and ignore the wrongs done to others.
Stay tuned