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Monthly Archives: May 2014

nbalogoWhat few people understand is that Mr. Sterling was granted a franchise right to be affiliated with the NBA. An example of this might be your local fast food restaurant. When you are granted Franchise rights, you are given a market territory and are assured that no competing store with the same brand will be placed there.

The franchisee owns the store and is in charge of the operation and the employees. The franchisor retains trademark rights as well as patent rights over copyrighted products associated with their brands.

This holds true with the NBA who holds certain trademarks and copyrights when it comes to the teams who are members of the NBA.

nbalogoBecause of this it might be easier for the NBA to simply kick the Clippers out of the NBA by pulling its franchise rather than try and get Mr Sterling to sell the team outright.

Because the Clippers would no longer be an affiliate of the NBA, it would not be allowed to compete against any NBA franchise and thus would suffer a substantial decrease in value.

The NBA could simply allow someone else to form a new team and be granted a new franchise leaving Mr Sterling out in the cold.

Just a thought.

Stay tuned


apathy2For all the activism that one sees on the internet and elsewhere, a majority of people remain apathetic. They choose not to get involved. The vast majority of people choose to watch but not get involved.


Because the price is too high.

It does not matter what noble cause someone chooses to advocate or participate in. There will always be an individual or group to cause the advocate to pay a heavy price for their efforts.

Generally, this comes in the form of personal attacks. Arguments outside the cause commence with negative postings against the character of the advocate on social media. In extreme cases, the advocate is stalked and personal information is posted on the various social media sites.

In most cases the intensity of the attacks become so severe, the cause that started the backlash is forgotten and cast aside.

The net result is that those who watch these ever increasing and intense battles decline to advocate their own causes and choose, instead to remain silent and hide behind the mask of apathy.

The evolution of society has slowed to a crawl due to people not wanting to endure the price for standing up for what they believe in.

Stay tuned


missingschoolgirlsI am perhaps one of the few people who watch CNN on a constant basis.. Lately their coverage has been mostly of a bigoted basketball team owner, a missing airplane and a civil war in a former Soviet republic.

Are these three stories important? Yes, but.

There is an even more important story out there that deals with terrorism and the future of children being short changed. In this case it is 270 school girls where kidnapped by a group of thugs who auction the girls off for an average of $12.00

We already have a good idea of the fate of those on MH370 and the story can still be covered. The same goes for the problems in the former Soviet Union and their breakaway republics.

The story of the #Nigerianschoolgirls has only just begun.

Yet again, social media is taking over where the mainstream media has failed. A movement has begun to put pressure on the Nigerian government and the rest of the world to come to the rescue of these young girls.



Social media advocates have brought about change in the past. Perhaps this time it will happen again and the future will be returned to these young woman.

Stay tuned