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hob2 hob3A short time after I wrote the article regarding @haterofbullies from twitter, the person responded in public that she is not me and even apologized for whatever confusion had been caused by establishing the account. I very much appreciate Haterofbullies for doing that.

ontheairWhat is surprising about this is that a virtually unknown blogger who claims to be based in Atlanta, Ga has gone to extreme measures to keep their true identity a closely held secret. Out of the hundreds of people who have interacted with the blogger in question not one has ever personally met the individual. One of these who claims not to have met the blogger includes a prominent atty from South Florida.

The blogger has stated that people have the right to have these secret identities yet joins in the effort of others in a series of attempts to uncover the identity of those who use anonymous usernames which is hypocritical.

An offshoot of these anonymous usernames is what is commonly known as a sock account. These temporary accounts are commonly set up to target an individual or group or address a specific subject. These accounts usually post to specific individuals through “tagging” and rarely have the normal follower following roster seen on the average Twitter account.

It is the proliferation of these sock accounts that is the problem. As I have stated before I consider the establishment of these kinds of accounts to be a waste of time..

I feel that if someone is going to say something or make serious accusations,they should be willing to sign their known identity to them.

I consider making any kind of claim or accusation behind a secret identity to be an act of cowardice regardless of the point of view or whom the target is.

It is easy to accuse anyone of anything or say anything under the cloak of secrecy.

It is quite another thing to sign your true name to what you are saying.