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lulzitSome rather strange socks have been appearing on line that has a number of people trying to guess who it is behind them. I did a little digging and came up with some interesting clues.

The first clue is that one twitter account holder was speaking German in her tweets.

astrogerman1The next clue came in the photo that appeared in her account header.

berlinIf one does a Google image search of the photo of the city in the background you will find that same photo at this link:

What is interesting is that the now closed Twitter account appeared about the same time as a “disagreement” developed between me and the woman posting the German language tweets.

Oh, one last clue. The person gave me her real surname in an e-mail some years back. It is German.

ontheairSince an obscure blog in Atlanta has done quite a few articles a few years back mentioning this person’s name, it should not be hard for those interested to go and see who it might be.

Stay tuned