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standinA remarkable thing has been happening lately. A new term has appeared in a number of twitter accounts. It is now suspected that some more well known accounts are being written by “stand ins.” The term first surfaced when someone outwardly declared that they were a stand in for someone who decided to come down to Florida.

After that the speculations started that certain accounts, including this one, were being used by someone other than the person who originally created it.

This is not a new claim, however, but the term is. In the past, the claims have been “hacked” or “taken over.” In this latest instance a claim is being made that a stand in is using the account of a rather interesting woman to say the least. This is not the first time there was a claim of her account being used by a stand in. There was a claim where the so called take over happened months ago. This was when  when a mysterious association developed with a male figure that seems to also be in the eye of another woman from way out west caused speculation that the account was being used by someone else.

There was always the feeling that her account was being used by someone else if not all of the time, at least part of the time. The motive of this particular stand in was and remains unclear.

As the thought processes of more and more of the regulars in this small circle of debaters are coming  to the conclusion that things are not always what they appear to be, more and more of those who make certain accusations are going to realize that the accusations be be misplaced.

It is this revelation that might cause more to understand the fact that placing blame for certain actions on specific individuals is, at the very least, a futile effort.

Perhaps it will be these stand ins, real or imagined, who will be the key to finally getting these wild accusations fests to end so that everyone can move on to more productive pursuits.

Stay tuned

MURT (maybe)