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kemiThe posting of an old link tonight brings back memories of an attack by members of an Anonymous hive  of a Canadian anti violence advocate by the name of Kemi Olunloyo. According to Anonymous, this woman had a rather checkered history and they wanted to get her put in prison or at least deported back to Georgia.

Well, just who is, Kemi Olunloyo and how did I get involved in this mess? To get to these answers we must go back to the fall of 2011 during the height of the attacks against this woman.

Kemi Olunloyo is known in Canada for her fight against violence among minority youths, mainly gang violence.

This somewhat recent blog was an interview of Ms Olunloyo and gives a biography of her:

Other links indicate a less favorable impression of Ms Olunloyo:

One has to wonder how the hell I got involved with the war against this woman. The answer, quite simply is Anonymous. A small group of individuals operating under the Anonymous mantra were engaged in an op to expose what they perceived were the crimes of this woman and wanted her deported from Canada.

At least one member of this anonymous hive was a Canadian who had also been after me due to the false belief that I was a pedophile based on posts made by a blogger from Columbus, Ohio and her sidekick from Gig Harbor, Washington who had been stalking me since the fall of 2006.

The Canadian Anonymous op leader had been contacted by at least one of the above and asked for his assistance. Shortly thereafter Ms Olunloyo contacted me since we were both being attacked by the same person. This only made matters worse as now Anonymous focused more intently on me as their new target.

The attacks reached their peak when Anonymous posted a against me using the name of Ms. Olunoloyo. Since this was identity theft, a criminal complaint was lodged against the known members of the Anonymous hive and at least one member was adjudicated guilty by the Canadian courts. Unfortunately once posted, the contents of a complaint cannot be removed.

The latest information I have been able to find about Ms. Olunloyo is that she is back in Nigeria and is writing a blog:

Anonymous turned out to be wrong about my affiliation with Ms Olunloyo. I had not taken sides with her in regards to her dispute with them. I remain neutral with her situation to this day.

The leader of the Anonymous hive has since apologized for the harm done to me due to this misunderstanding as well as the misinformation he had received from others who were stalking me :


“Open Letter To Murt

Dear Murt,
While I can’t go back in time and change what myself and others have done to you, I  would  like to offer up my sincerest and deepest apologies to you and while I know it can’t undo the damage that’s already been done, it makes sleeping for me a little easier at night by me clearing my conscience of the horrible things I’ve done and said about you. As I look back I realize just how childish and immature ALL of us acted towards you and for what? To this day I’m still not sure of the reason but if I had to guess I would say some people were just out to get you.”
The lesson I have learned from this incident is that it does not pay to try and be an advocate for truth. It is best just to be a member of the audience and ignore the wrongs done to others.
Stay tuned