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astrodoorWhile death threats and threats of physical harm have been around since the beginning of the internet, there has been a dramatic upswing of these threats on Twitter as well as elsewhere on the various social media websites. What makes the latest spate of threats against me and others to be of concernĀ  is they they are all coming from lonley old or mentally troubled women.

Most of these women are alone, either never married, divorced or widowed. In at least one case, the woman is actually a male impersonating a woman. Violence, it seems, along with a lack of moral ethics, seems to be the primary make up of these anonymous and reclusive women.

They spend the vast majority of their closed in lives, huddled over their computers spewing out their hate and threats for all the world to see.

grannygardenBefore the advent of the internet, these old, lonely women would be seen tending to their flowers much the same way as used to be portrayed on those little wooden thingabobs that people used to post in their gardens.

I half expect that one of these women will be demented enough to make good on their threats only to run into the business end of someone exercising their second amendment rights as well as testing out the stand your ground laws.

Stay tuned