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schcryIt comes as no surprise that a school official had to go in front of a microphone and apologize for comments he had been making on various conservative blogs for years. He must have felt that using the various anonymous names would protect people from knowing who he was.

exerpt1That turns out not to have been a false sense of security. All it took was one persistent blogger to track him down and expose who he actually was and thus force him to account for his actions.

Because of his posts, there are calls for him to resign. While he said he will not resign, he may have no choice.

This should serve as a warning for those who persist to make disgusting comments behind anonymous blogs and other social media accounts. All it takes is that one person with the knowledge and resources and your false sense of security will vanish.

The lesson here is that you should not post something anonymously that you would not defend by having your identity go public.

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