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boyaliveThis is turning out to be one of the biggest screw ups by the press since the famous “Dewey wins” oops so many decades ago.

DEWEY WINSI had just finished watching the CNN segment where they aired Nancy Grace informing the boy’s father that he had been found ALIVE in the basement in his house behind a barrier of drums and other materials.

The reaction was such that I thought the man was going to have a coronary on live tv.

boydeadImagine my surprise when I logged onto Twitter only to find that NBC news was reporting that the boy had been found DEAD in the basement of his father’s house.

What in the frack is going on here? Is the kid dead or is the kid alive?

Yet once again we are learning the lesson that you cannot believe everything you see on the internet even if it comes out of the resource rich mainstream media.

I wonder whose ass will be shown the door for this boo boo?

Stay tuned