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liarrabbitThe one thing you find out in a hurry is that people lie on the internet. Certainly, people lie in real life. It is easier, however, to catch the person in real life in their lies and set things straight. Making an anonymous liar be accountable for their actions is something else entirely.

liartrollDealing with those on the internet who lie is an exercise in futility. I have been attempting to do so for more than ten years. I first became the target of what one Lake County Fl Deputy described as ” bored housewives with too much time on their hands.” The deputy, incidentally was a female.

I have been accused of all sorts of things. I have been accused of being a pedophile, or murdering a child in a high profile case down here in Florida as well as at least a dozen other wild and crazy things, all without any proof to back these accusations up.

lcpdOne woman called the Leesburg City Police Department so many times, they threatened to arrest her if she did not stop calling them.

lcsoThings got so bad that I demanded that the Lake County Sheriff’s office investigate these claims to put things to rest. They finally did so examining My cellphone, the pc I am using to write this blog, several other computers, digital cameras, memory cards, and my CD’s I had gotten from the state atty when covering the Anthony case.

After a month of going through all of my gadgetry, everything was returned to me along with their assurance that they were satisfied that I was not a criminal and that everything they had seen was as one detective put it “the most elaborate smear campaign against a private individual that he had ever seen in his 15 years in the cyber crimes unit of the Lake County Sheriff’s office.

rcmpOne result of this little adventure was that the Canadian hacker who was behind most of what had been going on at that time was dealt with by Canadian authorities and has not bothered me since.

I still had the other liars to deal with which I have been doing since day one. Like I said earlier, it has been an exercise in futility.

One thing I tried to do in the case of one blogger was to demand the author of certain articles provide proof of their claims.

ontheairOne claim was made that my only son was not mine, thus the implication that someone else was the biological father. This would have come as quite a surprise to those at Shands Hospital in Gainsville Florida who preformed DNA tests on My son, his mother and myself as part of their research into the causes of Juvenile Diabetes and their quest to cure and control this deadly disease.

When confronted with my demands, the blogger remained silent and changed the subject. The blogger also banned me from reading his blog so that I could no longer contest the lies posted there.

There have been all sorts of wild accusations including the latest one on twitter that accuses me of beating my girlfriend. While this is clearly false, the rumor is out there among the many others thus once again damaging my reputation in an unjust manner.

There have been many suggestions over the years as how to deal with this problem. Some I have tried but many have proven to be impractical.

The damage by the liars has already been done. There is absolutely nothing that can be done to alleviate the damage. Minds have already been made up and content has been put up in locations that makes getting the material removed impossible.

One blogger has gone through an extensive process to hide their identity that would make any litigation or even criminal investigation an expensive propasition.

This is a clear indication that the blogger is aware of their actions and the liability that they have subjected themselves to and thus have taken unusual measures to assure that they will never be accountable for their actions.

So how then does one deal with those who steadfastly refuse to tell the truth and come clean regarding the falsehoods lodged against me and others?

The answer is to do nothing. The answer is to give up. That is my decision. There is absolutely nothing I can do to remedy the situation and quite frankly I am tired of dealing with all of this.

It is time to move on. The liars will continue to lie because that is the only thing they know how to do.

I used to have faith  in our legal system. I used to have respect for attorneys. I no longer have that faith and I no longer respect attorneys.

oathfbarI have seen attorneys openly lie without considering the ramifications of their lies. The oath they took when entering the bar means nothing to them. They have the power to abuse and they do just that.

So I move on, now, to whatever tomorrow and all the other tomorrows bring.

Stay tuned