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Holly Briley’s actions as of late have been deviant and downright strange. An increasing number of people have written me in private stating their astonishment as to what she is doing. What is surprising is that these reactions are coming from those who I considered my most strident advasaries.

The consistent thing with these people is that they state they still object my actions but have admitted that they realized that there has been a lot of false accusations against me. They have also stated their disgust over the things Holly has been saying and doing recently.

Some would be real surprised at who these people claim to be. There will be no big reveal for they would likely deny contacting me. They said as much.

One major thing above all else, that got their attention is the obsession Holly Briley has over my personal life. She has made it a point to probe into every aspect of my life. The constant posting of things about me on social media has had a different reaction then she might have expected.

Another deviant obsession Holly Briley has is this fighting over my DMCA complaints. It is this that is most odd. If anyone takes the time to go through Hollys twitter log, you will see an amazing amount of content removal notifications. There are dozens of them.

Because of that, it makes it even more puzzling that Holly would decide to fight my DMCA complaints over my copyrighted work.

Holly has it dead wrong when it comes to copyrights. It is widely accepted that whoever takes a picture owns that picture. The only exception is when the photo is taken “for hire”¬† or any other circumstance where the photo was taken by someone and the rights to that photo was given over to someone else.

There is proof of this in the past when I was the target of two DMCA complaints by Alexandra Goddard over two pictures, one being a photo of a piece of medical equipment and another of her two dogs wearing anonymous masks.

I did not dispute the complaints and removed the pictures. I did think her reaction was rather odd but she did hold the copyright and I complied with the request rather than to dispute it the way Holly has done.

Holly did something entirely different. She chose to dispute my DMCA. I find this rather odd. The images are clearly mine. I am the copyright holder. This has been proven by Radio since she traced down where I had posted some of my images.


The blog  in the link above proves that she is clearly wrong.

Just because Holly can go and dispute the DMCA and likely get the images back does not mean she is right. It will mean only that I will not spend the roughly $100.00 apiece to prove I have a legitimate copyright claim in regards to the images.

Twitter made it clear that all I would have to do is file a court order seeking a cease and desist to be sent to Twitter and ALL images of me would be removed.

Having the images that belong solely to me remain on her twitter log will only prove that it is Holly Briley that is the stalker and not me. I could easily do the exact same thing. I could post all kinds of photos belonging to other people and file the same counter claims as Holly has done.

That, however would be the wrong thing to do. It is something I will not do. In the end Holly has done nothing more than prove what I and others have said about her.

Holly Briley is a stalker and abuser. It is clear from the way she posts the images that it is she that is behind all of the sock accounts and deviant actions that have taken place over the years. One only has to take the time to look closely at her actions.

Holly Briley has provided her own proof of her own deviant actions.

Stay tuned