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infotechI have always wondered about some of those on line professional listing services that abound on the internet. My attention was drawn toward a number of postings on twitter where the much debated Deric Lostutter is now alleged to be listing himself as a private detective.

infotechpiIn the past, Deric has made it known that he is the owner and operator of Info Tech Solutions.  The original business model had this company as a Information Technology service in the area of data recovery as well as offering various computer security services.

It now seems that Info Tech solutions has branched off into the Private Detective business.

I find this a bit interesting since the start up costs for such an operation are quite high. First there is not only the licensing requirements that involves criminal background checks and proof of liability insurance, but the costs of a physical location and other normal business expenses.


Deric is most famous for making posts seeking donations for everything from a duplicate key for a motorcycle to his latest requests for funds to buy DJ equipment.

Deric seems to be changing jobs on a daily basis. In the short period of time he has been on line since the Steubenville rape case fiasco, he has gone from a brief stint at Amazon, to delivering pizza and god knows what else.

He has managed to get himself ticketed for driving without insurance and recently got arrested for fighting while intoxicated.

This latest revelation has stirred up the twitter community and may well get Deric into some serious trouble.

IF he is passing himself off as a private detective, he is going to find himself getting the full attention of some detectives from the State of Kentucky.


I half expect Deric to come out with a claim that someone put that listing on line as a prank to get him into serious trouble and that he had nothing to do with it.

I would suggest he keep that excuse handy when the man with the badge comes calling.

Stay Tuned