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Monthly Archives: June 2014

kyrapeIn retaliation for posting the PUBLIC RECORD of his arrest, Deric Lostutter has threatened to post the same old false accusations that have been made against me for years. I wonder if Deric will make that same threat against the mainstream media when they post his past antics once he becomes famous.

Deric has a history of making threats as the example above shows. The government charges against him have to do with his actions against others.

What Deric does not seem to understand is that if the movie about him gets made, the mainstream media will dig into every aspect of his life from cradle to the present. If he cannot take the publishing of factual information by a lone blogger, imagine what his reactions will be when CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC etc etc starts publishing every minute detail of his life,  his threats and actions over the years.

Fame has a price and that price is high.

Stay tuned



wcpdWinchester Police Department                                  Page 1 of 4


INCIDENT REPORTIncident: 201400017331 – Case:


21:40:29 Completed Date/Time: 06/02/2014 22:56:17
21:40:33 Earliest Date/Time: 06/02/2014 21:39:00
21:40:49 Latest Date/Time: 06/02/2014 22:56:00


Reported Date/Time: 06/02/2014
Dispatched Date/Time: 06/02/2014
Enroute Date/Time: 06/02/2014
Arrival Date/Time: 06/02/2014



Winchester Police Department

16 South Maple Street Winchester, Ky. 40391 Phone: 859-745-7400 Fax: 859-745-7404

Patrol Division

dlmugA call was received from a female stating that a male and female was outside her house fighting with her husband (Christopher). Upon arrival, Lostutter was observed aggressively advancing on Christopher, face to face, while yelling. Lostutter was pulled away from Christopher and continued to yell/pull away from officer as he was placed onto the ground/into custody. Lostutter had a strong odor of alcoholic beverage about his person, red/bloodshot eyes, and thick speech. It was determined that Lostutter was causing alarm to the public and is a danger to himself and others, namely Christopher, due to his intoxication/aggressive behavior. Lostutter was observed having a laceration to his left eye and scratches on his back; consequently, was transported to CRMC for medical clearance prior to returning to CCDC. Christopher stated to officers that Lostutter had come onto his property, threatened his children/family. See Citation BQ16996 for further.

A call was received from a female stating that a male and female was outside her house fighting with her husband (Christopher). Upon arrival, Lostutter was observed aggressively advancing on Christopher, face to face and yelling while Lile continued to yell at the caller on the porch. Officer warned Lile to stop yelling while Lostutter was placed into custody. Lile refused to follow officer command and continued to yell at the caller and her husband (christopher). It was determined that Lile was causing alarm to the public and and would continue to cause alarm if not taken into custody. See Citation BQ16995 for further.

Included with this 14 page report were the citations issued as part of this arrest:

Page 1 of 1                                             COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY


_AGENCY I                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ORI: I

WINCHESTER POLICE DEPARTMENT                                                                                                                                     0250100



ALIAS NAME: IAST, FIRST, MI, FILIAL I                                                                                                                  EMERGENCY PHONE


ADDRESS (NUMBER, NAME, SUFFIX) I                                                                                                                                                                   KENTUCKY RESIDENT STATUS

209 PRESCOTT LANE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     F: FULLTIME ❑ P: PART-TIME ❑ N: NON RESIDENT







KY                                                                                     40391

ID NUMBER                                                                                                                     S.S. NUMBER





5’06” I 164                     BLOND OR                                                BLUE




ILES [IqEC11011_____
WINCHESTERCOUNTY                                     I SECTOR










Local Incident 2014000017331: a call was received from a female stating that a male and female was outside her house fighting with her husband (Christopher). Upon arrival, Lostutter was observed aggressively advancing on Christopher, face to face and yelling while Lile continued to yell at the caller on the porch. Officer warned Lile to stop yelling while Lostutter was placed into custody. Lile refused to follow officer command and continued to yell at the caller and her husband (christopher). It was determined that Lile was causing alarm to the public and and would continue to cause alarm if not taken into custody. See Citation BQ16995 for further.

It seems as if Deric did not tell the story exactly the way the cops did.

Stay tuned




rbcrotchRosanne Barr is about to find out why it is not such a bright idea to post the street address of a Florida resident on her twitter account. The ever famous Rosanne who has known to have butted in on BOTH the Zimmerman case as well as the Steubenville Big Red rape case posted the street address of George Zimmerman’s parents on her twitter account:

“At first I thought it was good to let ppl know that no one can hide anymore … If Zimmerman isn’t arrested I’ll rt his address again- maybe go 2 his house myself.” Rosanne Barr.

gzparentsFlorida has strict privacy rights thus making what might be public information elsewhere not public information in the state of Florida. The Zimmermans also pointed out in the lawsuit that Rosanne Barr had violated Twitter’s terms of service by posting that information.

In the lawsuit, the Zimmermans claimed that Rosanne had “Intentionally inflicted emotional distress” and have caused them to leave their house and never return.

Time will tell where this lawsuit will lead and if this will send a warning to those who insist on publishing people’s street addresses and their phone numbers on their blogs and on Twitter.

Stay tuned



VICTORIAFBThe story of Victoria is one of those things that demonstrates that you cannot believe anything you read on the internet no matter what side of the content you may be on. Today , both by National mainstream media and an Orlando media Facebook page, was a story of a little girl who had been kicked out of a local KFC due to her extreme disfiguring injuries that she suffered from a dog attack.


kfcstoreThe public, naturally, was outraged that KFC could be so cruel and the boycott threats started as a result.

According to the the article linked by WFTV on Facebook, however, whole thing was a hoax. Someone had made the whole thing up.


It said that someone anonymously came forward and claimed that the whole thing was made up. On the Victoria’s Victory Facebook page, there has been a denial of the KFC story being a hoax and the mantra that you cannot believe everything reported in the mainstream media.

Unfortunately, the same thing holds true of the internet as well. The vast majority of the blogs, Facebook pages and twitter accounts on the internet are run by people such as myself. The blogs are run by ordinary people that have varying motivations for publishing them. We individual bloggers thus set our own standards for accuracy and truth when publishing content.

Some of us abide by a standard of ethics and honesty to tell the truth whenever we produce content on our blogs. A majority of others do not and this is what is creating a lot of problems on the internet today.

What should have been a forum for the exchange of ideas instead has turned into the tools of the trade of trolls bullies and other kinds of cyber abusers. A majority of social media accounts are set up by individuals for the express purpose of defamation and humiliation on a scale unimagined even a decade ago.

Lives are ruined on a daily basis and there seems to be no resolution to the problem.

One result of this trend is that many have abandoned the internet as a way to exchange ideas and a forum for debate and instead use the internet to play online games and a minimum amount of socializing.

The one main lesson that has also been derived from the actions of the individual internet account holders is that they are less believable then the mainstream media  and thus for better or worse, the mainstream media is more reliable.

Individual blogs are no longer a reliable alternative to the seeking of truth and thus are being abandoned.

Stay tuned



opccThe eighth FBI crackdown dubbed Operation Cross country has rescued 168 children in  a nationwide crackdown:


Many of the children were not reported missing which is sad. These continuing operations demonstrates that the public needs to pay more attention to the plight of missing children. It does not help matters when bloggers refuse to unite for this common cause and instead, engage in sniping each other.

A more proactive approach toward the plight of missing children may help families be reunited with their children. Unfortunately, judging by most of the blogs out there, this will never happen and some of those children who would otherwise be found and returned to their families will not.

Stay tuned


DEFINEI came across an interesting quote this evening. It is one of those quotes that is made by someone who does not practice what they preach. For almost a decade I have had my life defined by more than one obsessed blogger.

The quote is as follows:

“Every one of us has a right to define ourselves and our reputations by our own actions- not by malicious obsessed bloggers.”

What is telling is that the person who made this quote is doing precisely the same thing although she is not a blogger. This person hurls around false accusations without a single piece of evidence to show for it. I have asked on several occasions for this person to step forward and proffer this proof.

To date she has yet do do so. She sits back and allows false and misleading accusations to flow out of the depths of one specific blog. She then complains when another blogger who also has been the target of false and misleading accusations to utilize the right to define for herself who she is and protect her reputation.

This false narrative on the part of the abuse blogger from Atlanta (or so it claims) began with a format change that ruined the original blog and forum. It was the property of the owner to do so but it was a disservice to those who had been loyal to the owner from the beginning.

The blogger immediately began to define the lives of others. The blogger stole personal images and then distorted them to create false impressions. The blogger outright lied about it’s targets and continues to do so this day.

The person who made that quote not only sat by and let these things happen, but in the minds of many, actually took part in some extremely questionable actions.

It is now clear that the person who made that quote does not live by that quote. To her that quote only applies to her, her friends and allies. Her quote apparently does not apply to those outside the circle of her entourage.

That is the definition of a hypocrite.

Stay tuned


It seems that I am sadly mistaken when I assumed that my detractors were intelligent people who could set aside their individual biases to seek out the truth rather than resort to jumping to conclusions.

This is, of course, once again, about whoever it is that seems to want to create these temporary sock accounts attacking a small group of specific individuals. The sock creators are doing this with the full knowledge that I am getting blamed for them.

instigatorsIt is now likely that it is a single individual rather than a group that is behind these things. The reason being is that if one catches one of these accounts while they are still active and does a small bit of digging, a glaring clue will come out. I stumbled across this little clue about a month ago and whenever I see one of these socks come up, I look for it.

This is not easy to do since the socks generally do not include me in their tirades and are usually gone before I get to see them. Anyone who does a screen shot of the individual posts do not include the clues I need to determine if it is the same person that has been doing these all along.

Perhaps the person creating the socks realizes this and thus this is the reason I am not included in their rants..

In the end the sock creators are nothing more than instigators who only want to troll and stir up trouble. She gets off on watching innocents get attacked by those biased fools who are to lazy to do a little investigating to determine the truth.

She or they are nothing but instigators who relish  the attention gained by such an empty exercise. They entertain not only themselves but I as well since I get pleasure watching such intelligent people make absolute fools out of themselves as they are misled down the wrong path of their conclusions.

Stay tuned


summerToday is the official start of Summer. Earlier this month someone jumped the gun and started Summer a couple of weeks early. No matter, today is the real thing. Summer is an interesting season. The temperatures are the highest and the weather the most active and most violent.

hurricaneDepending on where one lives they may be subjected to Hurricanes, Tornadoes, floods and other regional dangers. Yes, it is true that this years spring has been a bad one but it is in the summer that things tend to be their worst.

stormReal life seems to equate with summer as well. There are indications that this summer is going to be a long and hot one with lots of turmoil to be expected.

Enjoy your summer.

Stay tuned


Several years ago, I began to notice a pattern. An Ohio blogger would start making personal attacks against my closest supporters. In one instance, a highly personal medical condition was put on a public blog along with some highly racist comments about the woman’s family.

In another instance, the personal life of another woman was posted in a deviant manner as well as a  custody battle that was going on with the woman’s offspring. Since part of the dispute had to do with past criminal acts, the dispute was rather intense.

Quite suddenly these women withdrew their support of me and engaged in some highly personal attacks against me. Rather coincidentally, all of the negative articles against the two women vanished. Within a year, both women left the internet entirely.

I was reminded of this through a number of e-mails I received yesterday. Almost word for word this statement was contained within the letters: I cannot openly support you. I have a family to protect from the attacks that would be made against me by (FILL IN THE BLANK.)

extortionThere is a widespread trend on the internet for people to be forced to act due to on line extortion.

This seems to be a most effective tactic and a disappointing one. When people are forced to change their beliefs out of fear rather than truth, freedom of speech is defeated.

I have seen this tactic on the increase all over the social media. It is not only those in my case but in many other areas. The subject does not matter. If you hold a strong opinion or stance that someone else disagrees with, you will find yourself at the center of vicious personal attacks.

In the extreme cases you will be investigated and every aspect of your life, no matter how personal, will be exposed for the world to see.

If you retract your beliefs or change your views you might find the information will be removed.

The legal term for this is extortion. It is any means that force you to act in a certain way under duress.

It is a subtle way of denying you your right to free speech.

It is the sad state of affairs on the internet today. Free speech is no longer free. It is instead, rather expensive.

Stay tuned


Holly Briley’s actions as of late have been deviant and downright strange. An increasing number of people have written me in private stating their astonishment as to what she is doing. What is surprising is that these reactions are coming from those who I considered my most strident advasaries.

The consistent thing with these people is that they state they still object my actions but have admitted that they realized that there has been a lot of false accusations against me. They have also stated their disgust over the things Holly has been saying and doing recently.

Some would be real surprised at who these people claim to be. There will be no big reveal for they would likely deny contacting me. They said as much.

One major thing above all else, that got their attention is the obsession Holly Briley has over my personal life. She has made it a point to probe into every aspect of my life. The constant posting of things about me on social media has had a different reaction then she might have expected.

Another deviant obsession Holly Briley has is this fighting over my DMCA complaints. It is this that is most odd. If anyone takes the time to go through Hollys twitter log, you will see an amazing amount of content removal notifications. There are dozens of them.

Because of that, it makes it even more puzzling that Holly would decide to fight my DMCA complaints over my copyrighted work.

Holly has it dead wrong when it comes to copyrights. It is widely accepted that whoever takes a picture owns that picture. The only exception is when the photo is taken “for hire”  or any other circumstance where the photo was taken by someone and the rights to that photo was given over to someone else.

There is proof of this in the past when I was the target of two DMCA complaints by Alexandra Goddard over two pictures, one being a photo of a piece of medical equipment and another of her two dogs wearing anonymous masks.

I did not dispute the complaints and removed the pictures. I did think her reaction was rather odd but she did hold the copyright and I complied with the request rather than to dispute it the way Holly has done.

Holly did something entirely different. She chose to dispute my DMCA. I find this rather odd. The images are clearly mine. I am the copyright holder. This has been proven by Radio since she traced down where I had posted some of my images.


The blog  in the link above proves that she is clearly wrong.

Just because Holly can go and dispute the DMCA and likely get the images back does not mean she is right. It will mean only that I will not spend the roughly $100.00 apiece to prove I have a legitimate copyright claim in regards to the images.

Twitter made it clear that all I would have to do is file a court order seeking a cease and desist to be sent to Twitter and ALL images of me would be removed.

Having the images that belong solely to me remain on her twitter log will only prove that it is Holly Briley that is the stalker and not me. I could easily do the exact same thing. I could post all kinds of photos belonging to other people and file the same counter claims as Holly has done.

That, however would be the wrong thing to do. It is something I will not do. In the end Holly has done nothing more than prove what I and others have said about her.

Holly Briley is a stalker and abuser. It is clear from the way she posts the images that it is she that is behind all of the sock accounts and deviant actions that have taken place over the years. One only has to take the time to look closely at her actions.

Holly Briley has provided her own proof of her own deviant actions.

Stay tuned