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Monthly Archives: June 2014

wastelandAs we end the last day of spring in this year of resolution all must come to the realization that the last several years has been nothing but one big waste of time. All the arguments, accusations sock accounts and so forth have accomplished nothing. Those who were involved in all aspects of the big rape case accomplished nothing.

Oh yes, there have been some temporary changes that are like an evening thunderstorm. Lots of thunder and lightening and some rain thrown in but within a few hours the clouds clear, the rain stops and the heat returns.

Old feuds have stopped while some feuds continue. Loyalties change friendships end and new friendships start. The merry go round goes nowhere but in circles. There is no destination or goal, just wandering.

People post on twitter only to delete most of what they write in hours. People post files and images that go largely ignored out of the small number of those who engage in these wasteful and futile efforts.

Nothing anyone attempts to do will stop any of this. I understand that now. There are too many short sighted people out there that will never understand the waste of their own lives that they have caused.

There has been the claim that one has a blog so powerful that everyone wants to be part of that blog. The same goes for the one person who has a modicum of fame on a tv news network. These are delusions of course simply because there are the more famous and the more influencial for others to aspire to be associated with. In the end this group of individuals with differing motivations are but grains of sand on a very big beach.

The vast majority in the world moves on either not noticing the combatants in their little war or ignoring them entirely.

What is in store tomorrow along with the second of the four seasons in this year of resolution is more of the same for some and a resolution of others. Those others have decided it is time to resolve certain matters and move on.

It is time to resolve to leave the wasteland and tread that path towards a new beginning.

Stay tuned


ontheairI remember back some months ago when I was taken to task for mentioning the NAME of a minor child that appeared in court documents that were supplied to me by a Florida Attorney and a blogger from Tenn. A number of people raised hell with me and it damaged a close friendship for quite some time.

It therefore comes as somewhat of a surprise that an Atlanta blogger has posted a family photo that includes minor children. It is not known how the blogger obtained the photo but it clearly is a copyright violation.

Also, not only did the blogger publish the photo clearly showing the minors faces but the blogger also pointed out that the photo was taken in prison.

Now imagine, if you will, just what kind of people may see that photograph as it gets circulated around the internet. The identity of the blogger is unknown so it is not known what else may have been done with that photo in other ares besides that blog.

It is also unknown who may download the photo and may be tempted to use that photo for deviant purposes.

It is one thing to steal the images of adults but it is quite another for someone to steal the images of children.

Stay tuned


TaggedAll must not be well in the Briley household as it has now been revealed that Holly Briley is cruising looking at pictures of single truck drivers. Now what excuse is Holly going to give her HUSBAND for being on the dating website? Is there a profile of her somewhere on Tagged and is it under a fake name so that he does not find out about it.

Now, since it is the widespread opinion that Holly is also RADIO there is no excuse that someone else found the website. I had asked for Holly to come forward with the link to the original photo and she refused to do so. It is likely she had to wait until hubby went to work or until she could come with some excuse for having links to someone on a dating site on her twitter account.

I wonder if hubby even knows what his stay at home wife is doing while he is off working?

Stay tuned



passportphotoHolly Briley got butthurt when I filed a DMCA complaint against her for the use of a self portrait of me on her Twitter account. For some reason Holly is enamored with me and my images as she has them all over her main and sock twitter accounts.

Holly has steadfastly refused to state where she got the photo from which, was originally taken for use on my passport and on my press pass that I obtained for covering local trials.

Needless to say my stalker of 7 years spent countless hours scouring the internet and found the image. It turned up on my old dating site. Now why a dating site is such a big deal is beyond me. Hundreds of thousands of people use those dating sties.

Also, what is left out is that Tagged has several built in games such as Farm  Slots and so forth. These games are not as sophisticated as the ones I play on farmville but they are mobile friendly and I used to play them while on the road over three years ago.

The bottom line here is that Holly filed a false DMCA report since she does NOT have the legal right to the photo.

And yes Sheryl knows about the website. I hide nothing from her.

Stay tuned


holmsethbookI have just learned that Tim Holmseth’s book that was recently removed from due to a copyright dispute is now back on the Amazon e-book List.

It is obvious that the boycott groups will form once again in an attempt to block sales of the book either through bad reviews or attempting to persuade Amazon to once again take the e-book off of their website.

This may be much ado about nothing since it is unlikely that the sales volume will not be that high in the crowded e-book market.

Stay tuned


ohiossThe State of Ohio has to be the home of some of the dumbest bloggers on the planet. In this case Holly thinks of herself as some kind of smart ass for filing a counter DMCA claim to Twitter regarding her use of my passport photo. She signed a sworn statement that says the image belongs to her?

Well, either Holly and I were having an affair where she took the photos or she somehow gained the copyright to them from me in order for her statement to Twitter to be true. For the uninformed, there is no copyright application to be made to any government agency when creating any kind of content both on the internet and off. The person who creates the image or content is the copyright holder automatically.

The unintended consequences that I speak of is that what Holly has done is condoned by everyone on all sides. This throws any claim of stalking by anyone who produces similar content out the window.

By filing this counter claim, Holly has shown everyone how to dispute these claims and at the very least delay them. The next time someone files a DMCA complaint having to do with a piece of medical equipment or a couple of dogs wearing Anonymous masks, everyone will know how to file a counter claim to get the images put back on where they were published.

There are some other benefits that Holly has brought to light that I am going to keep to myself and pass on to a select few that will find that information useful.

Holly should have thought things through. Fortunately she did not and some of us will be thanking her for that.

Stay tuned


HBSOCKCLAIMHolly Briley is proving herself to be an idiot. In response to my blog article regarding her perjured response to the DMCA complaint I made to Twitter regarding her theft of my copyrighted images, She claims that the complaint is on behalf of a sock account.

Oh really? And WHAT sock account may that be, Holly? @MURTWITNESSONE is NOT a Sock account. It is one of two accounts I have on Twitter the other being @M2KFL. The content I reported to Twitter did not come from my twitter account, but rather, from my various social media accounts including Photobucket, Facebook and so forth.

Holly Briley even used the image I use for identification on my Passport and other identification forms. She then turns around and disputes that the image belongs to me in a perjured statement to Twitter regarding my DMCA complaint.

Holly routinely STEALS images and then uses them to stalk and harass those she targets on her blog, her twitter accounts AND on her  many sock accounts.

Those sock accounts include the ones she set up to attack her “friends.” She then places the blame elsewhere and encourages gullible others to do the same. Takes someone real deviant to do that.

The big giveaway was the famous “death threat” letter that caused such an uproar. Let the programming experts examine the image of that one. Some interesting proof lies within the image of that letter. Other mistakes were made in the creation of the letter itself. One rather odd one was spotted immediately and led to the proof that the letter was a fake.

Someone must have failed Geography in High School to make that screw up.

Holly Briley has been stalking me long before I ever heard of Radionewz. She will lie about this, of course, but the proof is out there. What Holly does not understand is that her work is easily recognizable. Her work is unique. That is the problem with being consistent in your work. It forms a pattern that everyone recognizes.

Holly Briley has demonstrated this in the various sock accounts she has made in the past. The image alterations are virtually the same. The codec contain WITHIN the images points to the same software that Holly has admitted to using in the past.

Even the software she uses to download the images is the same. What Holly does not realize is that an expert can extract all kinds of information from those images. The information regarding the “underwear” image that certain sock accounts posted contained some rather telling evidence.

I am sure that a certain Lawyer can find someone to use the right software to go into the images and see the proof for herself.

What Holly and others do not realize is that all software has a codec contained within the machine language that makes up the image.

turbocThose expert in breaking down the code using software such as Turbo ++ and other programming languages know what to look for. It is one way that Law enforcement was able to back  trace false content that Goddard and others tried to blame on me. Strangely enough there was proof that the exact same software that Holly claimed to be using for her “artwork” was used in that content.

Holly always made herself an expert in the falsification of content when going after the Canadian woman she has made accusations against for years. Holly even demonstrated how easy it was to fake Facebook and Twitter. Holly made her own evidence that it is SHE that is behind almost all of the socks on Twitter and elsewhere for years.

Her own talents were her undoing. Holly can rant and rave all she wants on Twitter and elsewhere but the proof is there, right on her own Twitter account, her blogs, her sock accounts and on Anyone out there that knows how to use programming software can extract the images from those two websites and break them down. They will find the same software used in virtually all of the accounts.

I suggest that anyone that has doubts about what I am saying here to go ahead and download the images and see for yourself. Find a hacker or someone familiar with code if you cannot do it yourself.

The proof is there and Holly has provided it herself.

Stay tuned



For quite some time you and I have written each other about the dispute you had with Holly and with what she had been accusing you of. Holly and  I had also been writing each other since she was making the same accusations about you. The both of you had been fighting each other on social media and on each of your blogs.

While serious issues still exist between you and me there is one area where I owe you my sincere apology.

It is now abundantly clear that it was Holly that was behind the DMCA complaint all along. It also is now clear that Holly is behind a lot more of the on line antics than many realize.

You were telling the truth all along and I apologize for not believing you.

William K Murtaugh


I remember a long time back when Holly Briley came to me and stated that Brianne had filed a false DMCA claim  against me regarding the use of an e-mail she claimed came from Brianne threatening Her. That DMCA had caused my blog to go down for a couple of weeks while I worked with WordPress to get the blog restored.

Holly even e-mailed me on several occasions asking for me to send her copies of the DMCA complaint that was sent by Brianne so that she could blog about it. I think the REAL reason for Holly wanting this information was to obtain the information contained within the notice that was sent to me which is required when filing these kinds of complaints.

Imagine my surprise when tonight, I get a response from Twitter to a complaint I made to them about the many disparaging images that she has made of me and posted on her twitter account. She has been doing this for quite a long time and to a good number of people.


We have received a DMCA counter notice, copied at the bottom of this email, regarding the materials you reported on the Twitter account @hollyshere.

We will cease disabling access to the materials within 10 business days, unless we first receive notice from you that you have filed an action seeking a court order to restrain the subscriber from engaging in infringing activity relating to the material posted on an identified Twitter account.

Notice can be faxed to Twitter at 415-222-9958 or mailed to:

Twitter Inc.,
c/o Trust and Safety
1355 Market St, Suite 900
San Francisco, CA 94103

Thank you,
Twitter Trust & Safety


*DMCA COUNTER-NOTICE June 12, 2014 *

*Twitter, Inc. Attn: Copyright Agent, DMCA Counter-Notification 1355 Market
Street, Suite 900 San Francisco, CA 94103*
*RE: Case# 02779996 ref:00DA0000000K0A8.500G000000PMIa9:ref*
*NAME: *Holly Briley
Washington CH, Ohio 43160
Email – xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Twitter Name – @HollysHere
nomnom*MATERIAL THAT HAS BEEN REMOVED: *Image uploaded with Tweet:
Remember what Confucius Says… Nom Nom @chasingadream29 @celebitchings

Now I am curious as to why Holly would counter file a DMCA complaint REGARDING THE USE OF MY PASSPORT photo when she knows full well this is a violation of the rules and something she also complains about. I remember the many claims of personal attacks she made against Brianne and the horrendous things she has accused Brianne of.

It now seems that I may have been on the wrong side of this little battle since there are at least a dozen images that have been removed from Holly’s twitter account.

I have asked BOTH Radionewzblog AND Holly Briley to remove the images they have on their accounts and they have refused to do so.

By NOT removing these materials both have  proven that they will fight to the death for the right to stalk, harass and defame anyone they choose. They will lie, they will create socks, they will do  anything they damn well please.

What IS odd is that these accounts and others have made the same accusations against me and several others. NOWHERE on ANY of my accounts will you see ANYTHING I CREATED posted there that even comes close to what is seen on Holly’s and Radio’s accounts.

This DMCA counter notice makes clear who is doing what and to whom.

As much as I have serious issues with Brianne I feel I owe her  an apology regarding the “death threat” issue.

Brianne was telling the truth all along.

Stay Tuned





4klp1While it is unlikely my questions will be answered, I ask them anyway:

I wish you to answer my long standing question as to why.

Why is it that you continue to create these sock accounts attacking the same people?

Why did you start creating so many different sock accounts in the beginning?

Why do you continue to create the sock accounts knowing that I am being blamed for creating them?

These are but a few of the questions I have for the person or persons who from time to time create those Twitter sock accounts directed at the same people over and over again. I feel I have a right to ask these questions since I am the one bearing the burden for their creation.

Those ignorant soles to whom the sock accounts are directed cannot comprehend that there are those out there, other than me who dislike them to the point where they would engage in the creation of these sock accounts with content that would assure their immediate suspension.

These poor ignorant soles cannot understand that there are many out there whose dislike reaches the point where the motivation to create these sacrificial sock accounts exists.

Considering the time and effort it takes to create these sacrificial sock accounts, that motivation has to be strong.

I have to admit that while it is an odd way of getting a point across, the sock accounts do just that. The sock accounts bother those at whom they are directed to the point where they have become paranoid.

The targets of the sock accounts lash out at whomever they feel is the source of their paranoia.

Unfortunately these poor souls are aiming at the wrong target. Because of that they are being out flanked.

The sock account creators are free to to create more and more sock accounts unabated and unpunished.

Since the sock accounts will be around for the foreseeable future, I would at least like to know why.

Stay tuned