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lafayette townhomesI have been watching both Jane Valez Mitchell and the Nancy Grace show and have observed that the panelists are demonstrating extremely poor investigative skills when it comes to trying to figure out where the boy has been for the past 11 days.

lafayettethThe first problem comes with the little “Room” that the boy was found in. There has been no photos of where he was found yet. It was said that he somehow moved a 55 gallon drum. Now the question here is was the drum full or empty. The same goes for the dresser. How big was it and was it full or empty. What is the build of the child? It would seem to me that the boy would have the strength necessary to at least push the dresser in place.

lafayetteth1Boys that age like to build forts. It is an easy conclusion that this might be the case here.

Now the biggest problem I have with all of this speculation is the continuing questions as to how the boy could have been missing all of this time and suddenly appear to be found yesterday. What I am puzzled with here is that everyone seems to have missed the obvious.

communal hallThe condo is a long rectangle that looks more like an office building than a condo.  At the basement level, there is a hallway that runs the length of the building. This is what is known as a common way. For appearance reasons, the property managers do not want garbage cans piled outside of the building. Instead the trash cans are kept in the hallway and when trash day comes, there is likely some arrangement for the trash cans to be taken outside of the building to be picked up.

In the photo all of these trash cans are visible for all the panelists to see. Along with that one can see doors all along the hallway. It would be a simple thing for the boy to come and go as he pleases through those basement entrances. Kids are not dumb. They often find ways around where they live that the adults are completely unaware of.

Having a bunch of people scream at each other on a prime time tv show does nothing towards to try to figure out what happened.

All these shows do is demonstrate what a colossal waste of time that they are.

Stay tuned