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timholmsethTim Holmseth, an on line Journalist and author has published what he claims to be a letter that has been sent to a number of law enforcement agencies where he makes some serious accusations against two prominent players in events surrounding the death of Caylee Anthony.

thlettertolaw Holmseth is making specific and serious accusations that go towards to conspiracy to kidnap Caylee Anthony. It needs to be noted that this is not a new theory by Mr. Holmseth but it is a far more dramatic action on his part.

fbiHis new theory that she was kidnapped is written about in his e-book available on . From there his theories go off in a number of directions. With these direct accusations against a number of specific individuals, Mr. Holmseth may find himself in legal hot water. Unless he is able to come up with specific proof to back up his accusations, Mr. Holmseth opens himself up to being sued for make what may well turn out to be blatant false accusations.

The problem for those accused is what to do about his letter and what legal remedy do they have to repair whatever damage may be caused by his actions.

Civil lawsuits are extremely hard to engage in and harder still to gain any regress for the damages done if it turns out that these accusations turn out to be false.

There are those out there that claim that I have some alliance with Mr Holmseth or any of his supporters. These people are sadly mistaken. I write about his actions and theories while at the same time attempting to remain neutral in that regard.

What I write here on this blog is my opinion and my bias. What concerns me here is the ease that he and others are able to make such strong accusations against people and not be held accountable for their actions.

It is one thing to make an accusation and quite another to prove it.

It seems to me that what Mr Holmseth is doing is to make accusations against his targets and then making law enforcement to prove him correct.

This is not the proper way to put forth a belief or theory in any journalistic piece.

Stay tuned