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liartrollThe one lesson one needs to learn is that trolls will always troll. You can either engage them or ignore them. Either way it makes no difference. They crave attention. They have this constant need to be noticed. Trolls cannot have a normal conversation. They have to be stalking someone, attacking someone and making a general nuisance of themselves.

Case in point. There is this rather odd housewife from Ohio that is constantly commenting on her twitter account about anything I say on my twitter account or even in my blog.

This is rather odd since I quit discussing her past antics. I have tried to move on but this demented troll persists in her stalking of me, reading a twitter account she is blocked from and quote stealing from the twitter account to insert into hers.

This all came about, recently, because she made peace with another woman she had been tormenting for years. This particular troll, now finding herself without a target, decided to turn her attention to me.

fftIt is sad that this poor woman has to spend every waking hour, monitoring my various accounts to find something she can troll about. She seems to have no interests to talk about. No tv shows to talk about, nothing in the news, an absolute zero.

It would be nice of that woman would get a life but unfortunately she does not have the ability to do  so.

fft1I have decided not to engage this fat nuisance nor will I monitor what she is saying.

It is not worth the bother. I have better things to do.

I have a life.

Stay tuned