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Monthly Archives: July 2014

dmcaimageThe internet has become a strange place in recent years. Early on, a number of disputes began to break out when someone uploaded something on the internet and the content wound up somewhere else. By this I mean someone would take an article, image, video or other content and use it on their website.

In other words, someone was violating your copyrights.

Congress addressed this issue and passed The Digital Millennium Act or DMCA. The act was meant to come up with a means for copyright holders do deal with those violating their copyrights through what is known as a DMCA complaint.

The problem is that if you have someone who is intent upon having something you published to the internet that belongs to you and you do not have a lot of money to throw around, getting what belongs to removed off of an unauthorized website will be a futile effort.

liartrollCase in point. There is this really strange women in Ohio who has the odd habit of stalking various social media websites looking for photos of those she wishes to stalk on the internet.

This woman then takes photos from these personal websites, even when NOT given permission to do so, Uses image software to alter the images and then publishes them as their own.

Generally it is recognized that the person who takes a photo, writes something or creates something they own is automatically their.

This woman thinks otherwise.

Almost three years ago when I was attending a high profile trial in Orlando, Florida, I applied for press credentials in order to have access to the courthouse. One of the requirements was to provide a photo to the Credentials department of the courthouse so that they could print up a press card.

I used my Nikon digital camera to take my self portrait. I also decided to use the photo on which is an internet dating and gaming website and also used the photo on a number of other websites.

The woman in question immediately went to the website and downloaded a copy of my portrait and started using it on her website in defaming and harassing me in the process.

This is not the first time the woman has done this. She had an ongoing dispute with a Canadian woman and also took copies of the woman’s image and also altered those images as well.

I did some research and found that it is widely accepted among authors, photographers, musicians, and other creators of intellectual property that “if you created it, you own it.”


“Did you know that whenever you write a poem or story or even a paper for your class, or a drawing or other artwork, you automatically own the copyright to it. Copyright is a form of protection given to the authors or creators of “original works of authorship,” including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic and other intellectual works. What that means is that, as the author of the work, you alone have the right to do any of the following or to let others do any of the following:

–                      make copies of your work;

–                      distribute copies of your work;

–                      perform your work publicly (such as for plays, film, dances or music);

–                      display your work publicly (such as for artwork, or stills from audiovisual works, or any material used on the Internet or television)”



In the beginning, there is copyright …

An idea comes to the mind of a creator.

The idea takes form. Its form may be a painting on canvas, a pastel drawing on paper, a melody and lyrics recorded on tape, or perhaps a novel penned on parchment.

In the digital world, its form may be a digital painting, drawing, melody or poem … it may be a novel, illustration, web page, software program, or scripting element … all captured on a hard drive.

These are the creative results of an original idea or concept fixed to a tangible medium. Copyright begins here.

Per The Copyright Act of 1976 (effective in 1978), there are three fundamental criteria to establish copyright:

• Fixation to a tangible medium
• Originality
• Minimal creativity

Registering your original work with the Office of Copyright is not required for intellectual property to be protected by copyright.”

Apparently this woman decided that all of those photographers, authors, musicians and LAWYERS are dead wrong.

She seems to think she can do what she damn well pleases and there is nothing anyone can do anything about it.

In this case, she seems to be correct.

The bulk of her content appears on Twitter and twitter does have a straightforward way of filing a DMCA complaint.

In most cases, Twitter will review the complaint and if they see that the content is in violation they will remove it. There is, however, one little problem.

If the content thief decides to dispute your claim, things get a little complicated.

passportphotoShe had the audacity to file a counter claim stating UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY that a photo that I took of MYSELF is NOT MINE and that I filing a false complaint.

Say what?

What was even more amazing is that she went on twitter and acknowledged that she KNEW I owned the image but wanted me to PROVE it.

Now THAT is an interesting piece of feminine logic, isn’t it?

Now, the only way to resolve the matter with Twitter, I would have to go 30 miles to Orlando, Hire a lawyer and spend money that I do not have to obtain a court order to put a stop to what this woman is doing with MY images.

Because of that, after 10 days or so of the initial removal of the image from her Twitter page, The image goes right back up.

The woman then mocks my efforts and continues her stalking.

So, what good is the DMCA and copyrights in general if one cannot enforce their rights without being wealthy enough to do so?

People like this woman are now free to go anywhere they please and take what is clearly not theirs and use it for whatever criminal purposes they choose.

I am at a loss as to how to resolve this matter other than to throw in the towel and perhaps file a complaint about her actions.

In the meantime it looks like congress should either scrap the DMCA act or look at ways to improve the law so that people can have control over what is rightfully theirs.

Stay tuned


fftIt is fairly often that I am given the advice that I should ignore the trolls out there that keep doing the things that they do. I am told they are doing all  of this for attention and that by responding to them, I am feeding their addiction.

Well then, I pass the same advice on to my haters who have been griping about the sock accounts showing up all over twitter.

fft1It is obvious that whoever is creating the sock accounts is doing so to gain attention. The targets of the sock accounts respond getting all butt hurt and upset.

The sock troll then is filled with glee as they have managed, in some way, to control their targets and others as well.

So why not take the advice that was given to me? Ignore the sock creators. It is easy enough to quietly work to get the accounts suspended.

liartrollGoing on twitter and elsewhere, ranting and raving is only giving the sock puppet creator what they want. It makes no difference who blames who for the sock creation, the creator or creators become the center of attention.

trollfeed3If, on the other hand, we all start to ignore the trolls and sock creators, they will be denied the attention they so desire. They will soon realize their efforts are futile and move on to find something else to do.

TWITTERLOGOIf you refuse to take my advice and continue to piss and moan about the sock accounts, blaming me in the process, then you will be giving them what they want. Even if the socks stay up for only a brief time, they will have gotten the attention they needed.

More and more sock accounts will appear and you will have only yourselves to blame.

troll_2If, on the other hand, you ignore them and QUIETLY  work to suspend the troll for whatever violation may have occurred, the trolls will fade away into oblivian.

trollfeed1The thing that I have time working around with is that my detractors are highly intelligent people. Some are lawyers, Engineers and others skilled professionals.

trollfeed2Because of these and other factors, it is hard for me to understand why they cannot comprehend these simple facts.

ontheairThat is unless of course……

Stay Tuned



TWITTERLOGOI conducted a little exercise tonight to prove a point. That point is that Twitter is an easy medium in which to create false content for what ever reasons a troll or impersonator may have.

One of those I was using in my exercise thought they had me by posting a screen shot of my twitter account and that of another. In part, she was correct in that in the case of copying and pasting a twitter post from one account to another, there will be a lag in the time stamp that would seem to indicate which account was the original and which account was the copy.

It would also indicate which content was original and which content had been altered.

This, however, is where the person’s point falls apart.


As time begins to pass between when the posts of both accounts were made, the precision of the time stamps begin to wane to the point where the time stamps break down to the number of hours in elapsed time the posts were made and then reverts to the date the posts were made.

If someone does not take a screen cap within a few minutes of the postings of the original and the copy, the ability to prove which is the original and the one that is not, is lost.

This exercise shows but one of many ways people create fake sock accounts, alter the original content and then try to pin words and actions on people that they are not responsible for.

There has been many cases where a Twitter account has been hacked by spammers and messages sent out in the legitimate owner’s name. This same method of hacking could be used by someone to post whatever they wanted under the legitimate owner’s name and nobody would be the wiser.

The legitimate owner of the account would be then stuck with trying to prove that they had been hacked which is next to impossible to do.

cnnOne example of how easily it is to hack Twitter is when a well known on air personality who appears as a guest on CNN/HLN openly stated that his Twitter account had been hacked and spam sent out in his name.

It is just more proof of why one should question any accusation made by anyone on the internet. The proof being cited is less and less reliable as time passes and new ways of creating false content and impersonation are developed.

Stay tuned


(c) 2014

fakeblog1For nearly a decade, a group of online spammers and trolls have attempted to frame me with a number of defamatory online posts and a series of purported private Paltalk instant messages.

My critics countered saying that what I claimed could not have been done. The problem for these critics is that someone had the brilliant idea of not only creating yet another spam blog but to also create an impersonator twitter account to accompany and promote the blog.

exibit2exibit1What the blogger and spammer does is to copy the postings from this blog as well as the postings on my twitter account and then change the wording.

exibit5The net result of their effort is that the context of the article and twitter postings are completely changed. This is exactly what was done with various spam accounts over the past decade.

Because of the spam accounts I have been falsely accused of being a Pedophile and was also accused of threatening to send a DEAD registered sex offender to women throughout the country by posting the alleged threats on my twitter account.

The impersonator blog and twitter account is clear cut proof that I DID NOT make those threats.

The spam twitter and blog is clear cut proof that none of what I have been accused of ever happened.

The truth has finally come out and the proof has been demonstrated by the same trolls that created the original content.

Stay tuned


cnnI recently got an e-mail from someone regarding a photo that kept appearing in a number of sock accounts that have been created lately. The image was cited as being of someone well known in the true crime community.

The person who sent me the e-mail claims to be from the same state as the personality and claims to know him in real life. He claims not to have been part of the antics on twitter, but when he saw the image purported to be of his acquaintance, he felt it necessary to contact me and set the record straight.

He claims that anyone who has met the person in real life would know that the image shown on the twitter sock accounts are not of him.

I am not certain if the claims of the sender of the e-mail is legitimate or not. Efforts to determine where the image originally came from have proven unsuccessful.

It seems what we have here is yet another hoax, and another lie from those who keep putting up fake sock accounts and blogs and then try to pass the blame off on someone else.

Some people seem incapable of growing up.

Stay tuned


ontheairFor those out there who may be trying to get at the truth of who is creating all of the twitter sock accounts attacking certain individuals,  I pose this question.

Who is best qualified to create the fake twitter accounts and other fake internet content that seems to be showing up quite often lately?

First is my qualifications which have been verified by many:

Education: No higher than High School. No advanced degrees.

stitruckWork history: Truck driver (retired) mostly blue collar jobs requiring minimal skills.

Real life identity: Known and verified. Extensive information on line.

Virtually no effort made to conceal my identity.

Additional information: Sole means of income is social security. Income is BELOW federal poverty index.

No real estate assets: current residence is a rental.

Now for the qualifications of Radio of

Education: At least two advanced degrees: Masters in Electrical engineering, and Masters in Mechanical engineering.

Expert in computers and computer science.

Expert in radio communications. Vast interest in ham radio which requires expert knowledge of electronic communications theory in order to obtain federal license.

Work history: Was high level consultant for ATT in the field of Telecommunications and Information technology. Currently is a self employed consultant in the same field.

Additional revenue sources: According to frequent CNN/HLN guest host, Levi Page,Radio is a wealthy individual with extensive real estate holdings in the States of Georgia and Arizona.

Additional information: Radio has demonstrated expert ability to conceal real life identity, placing an elaborate security network in place to prevent even a top Florida private detective and other wealthy individuals the ability to establish Radio’s real life identity AND Gender.

I think the answer is quite obvious.

Stay tuned


I have been trying for years to demonstrate how easy it is to create fake content and then frame someone for saying or doing something that they did not do.

On the date of this article someone created both a Twitter account and a blog that serves as evidence of what I have been trying to prove for years.

exibit1exibit2First is the fake twitter account.

The creator of the fake twitter account did a copy and paste of several entries from 7/28/2014 and inserted them into the fake twitter account.


While the username of THIS twitter account has obvious differences when compared with my actual twitter accounts, it is easy enough for someone with the expert ability, to also change the content to make it appear that the altered content came from my actual account.

This has been done on a number of occasions by those that wanted to accuse me of actions that I had nothing to do with.

Second is the new blog that was posted.

At first glance, someone might think that it is a true copy of this article.

It is not, of course. Someone did copy the original article but also altered it. Anyone that bothers to read it will see the changes immediately.


Both the twitter account and the blog stands as evidence as to how easy it is to alter original content or create content out of thin air.

It is actions such as this that is clear cut proof that one cannot rely on what is posted on the internet. Only those who are experts in the field of computer forensics can establish what is genuine and what is not.

Stay tuned


paintAs if to prove the point of my last blog article on why the so called armchair detectives will never solve who it is behind the fake sock account, one person chimed in accusing me of using Paint to draw squares and arrows on an image I posted on twitter recently, thus inferring that I have the ability to create whatever it is in the fake twitter sock accounts.

Again, the key to determining the facts in evidence is to be certain of your facts. Right out of the starting gate this person missed by a long shot.

Another lesson in conducting a proper investigation, which obviously, this person has NOT learned, is to set aside their preconceived notions and stick to finding the facts in evidence.

awsomeIn this case I will help this poor misinformed lady out. When I make screen shots, I use an attachment to my browser, Firefox, called Awsome Screenshot. Sometimes, Awsome Screenshot screws up and I use a back up utility known as Nimbus screen capture.

nimbus1 Within the utility are pre drawn arrows, squares, circles, etc. The same is true of Awsome Screenshot.

The threshold as far as skill and know how to use either of these utilities is quite low. The options, including text inserts, circles, squares and underlines are point and shoot. Even a first grader can do it.

As for Paint, I know little about it nor do I know how to use it..yet. I do remember someone ELSE state that she uses Paint.

The misinformed lady actually did me a favor. I had no idea that Paint was on this version of windows. In doing a Google search I came to find out the darn thing is actually included in the software built into this pc.

Now I have something new to play with. Thanks to the misinformed lady for the unintended favor.

Now, back to the subject at hand.

I have been told by those in the know that one can take some of the images within those sock accounts and by reading the codec of the programming language, an expert is able to determine what was used to alter the image and that there is also some other useful information imbedded within the image that expert can extrapolate.

My suggestion for the know it all arm chair detective is to go and get a copy of Firefox, which is free and then try out the various free screen shot add ons that are available.

There are screen shot utilities available for just about every browser out there so go looking for them. They come in handy at times.

More than one utility is able to be installed and in most cases, they do not conflict with each other.

Now I am off to play around with  Paint and see how that thing works.

Feel free to throw out some more hair brained accusations. I might learn something from your screw ups.

Stay tuned


internetdetectiveArm chair detectives, be they bloggers, forum owners, chat room administrators, web casters or even those who follow or subscribe to one or more of these on line locations, will never, ever, solve even the most simple crime or problem.

The simple reason is that they are lousy investigators. They do not know and therefore do not follow even the most basic rules of investigation.

So, what it is that someone is trying to solve when investigating and how do they go about it?

For this exercise, let’s take a look at the current problem of finding out who it is that is creating a number of rather odd twitter sock accounts.

A number of so called armchair detectives who are bloggers, tv personalities and even a lawyer or two seem to have it in their heads that I have something to do with the creation of these things. Rather than try and convince these morons they are wrong, I am going to delve into why they will probably never find out who it is that is making those things.

The key to any investigation is to establish what it is that one is investigating and what is the goal of that investigation.

detmanualThe answer is the acronym NEOTWY.

Now, what the hell is that supposed to mean? you ask.

Let me break it down for you so that even the simplest of mind among you can understand:

wheN When did it happen?

wherE Where did it happen?

whO Who made it happen?

whaT What happened?

hoW How exactly did it happen?

whY And most important of all WHY did it happen?

The WHY is the most important question for it is the key to all the other questions. Another word for Why is MOTIVE.

motiveIf one can find the motive for why someone does something, it will go a long way to finding out who that person is and the proof needed to convince everyone that it is that person who is behind whatever action or actions are being investigated.

Another part of proper investigation is this most important rule: Let the evidence lead you to the suspect.

Personal bias: This is also one primary reason those in the on line community fail to get the right answer. They allow their personal biases to creep into whatever it is they are trying to discover dooming themselves to failure before they even start.

This leads to a “rush to judgement.” and is one of the reasons that jury selection is so detailed and drawn out even in the most routine of cases. In a way, jurors are investigators in that they are a determiner of fact based on the evidence presented to them in court.

Now back to the sock puppet issue as the example cited in this article. As I said before establishing motive for the sock puppets is the foundation for finding out the rest of the answers in determining who created the socks and how to deal with them.

At various points of my personal investigation to try and find out who was behind the socks, I made all of the mistakes one could make in doing so. I allowed my personal bias to creep into my investigation.

I tried to push the evidence toward an answer that I wanted to find and I also rushed to judgement on a number of occasions.

I then decided to start all over again, from scratch, this time following the established rules of investigation.

Will I find the answer? I cannot be certain. I do not have the resources that a professional investigator would have. I lack a lot of skills that a professional would have at their disposal. I am not an expert in information technology nor do I have anyone in my personal network of contacts who have all the above skills or motivation to assist me in my little investigation.

It is safe to assume that the sock creator or creators know this as well. The individual or individuals know that few if anyone is motivated to seek out who they are nor do their targets and allies possess the resources necessary to conduct a proper investigation.

So there you have it. Due to the ineptitude of the on line community as well as their bias, the Twitter sock trolls are safe to keep on keeping on.

I will be searching but am unlikely to find the answers I seek but I will be watching just in case.

Stay tuned



Just as predicted, a sock rather conveniently turned up right after the crazies said it would.

There is something rather odd, however, about how the tweets were made.

First, the account followed nobody. The account had no followers.

bhrdoSecond, by sheer “coincidence” the tweets were directed at the exact same four crazies who were going on their twitter rant only moments before the sock appeared.

The crazies made a big show of “logging off” twitter right before the sock magically appeared on THEIR twitter logs.

It is most telling, not only who was included in the tags by the sock account but also who was LEFT OUT. Neither the person in the photo was tagged nor was another rather important person let in on what the contents of the sock account were.

Now why was that? Could it be because the person left out of this little game happens to be a LAWYER and good FRIEND of the person in the photo?

Only the sock creator knows for sure.

Stay tuned