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TWITTERLOGOI conducted a little exercise tonight to prove a point. That point is that Twitter is an easy medium in which to create false content for what ever reasons a troll or impersonator may have.

One of those I was using in my exercise thought they had me by posting a screen shot of my twitter account and that of another. In part, she was correct in that in the case of copying and pasting a twitter post from one account to another, there will be a lag in the time stamp that would seem to indicate which account was the original and which account was the copy.

It would also indicate which content was original and which content had been altered.

This, however, is where the person’s point falls apart.


As time begins to pass between when the posts of both accounts were made, the precision of the time stamps begin to wane to the point where the time stamps break down to the number of hours in elapsed time the posts were made and then reverts to the date the posts were made.

If someone does not take a screen cap within a few minutes of the postings of the original and the copy, the ability to prove which is the original and the one that is not, is lost.

This exercise shows but one of many ways people create fake sock accounts, alter the original content and then try to pin words and actions on people that they are not responsible for.

There has been many cases where a Twitter account has been hacked by spammers and messages sent out in the legitimate owner’s name. This same method of hacking could be used by someone to post whatever they wanted under the legitimate owner’s name and nobody would be the wiser.

The legitimate owner of the account would be then stuck with trying to prove that they had been hacked which is next to impossible to do.

cnnOne example of how easily it is to hack Twitter is when a well known on air personality who appears as a guest on CNN/HLN openly stated that his Twitter account had been hacked and spam sent out in his name.

It is just more proof of why one should question any accusation made by anyone on the internet. The proof being cited is less and less reliable as time passes and new ways of creating false content and impersonation are developed.

Stay tuned


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