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cnnI recently got an e-mail from someone regarding a photo that kept appearing in a number of sock accounts that have been created lately. The image was cited as being of someone well known in the true crime community.

The person who sent me the e-mail claims to be from the same state as the personality and claims to know him in real life. He claims not to have been part of the antics on twitter, but when he saw the image purported to be of his acquaintance, he felt it necessary to contact me and set the record straight.

He claims that anyone who has met the person in real life would know that the image shown on the twitter sock accounts are not of him.

I am not certain if the claims of the sender of the e-mail is legitimate or not. Efforts to determine where the image originally came from have proven unsuccessful.

It seems what we have here is yet another hoax, and another lie from those who keep putting up fake sock accounts and blogs and then try to pass the blame off on someone else.

Some people seem incapable of growing up.

Stay tuned